Friday, March 16, 2012

fifty two on fridays | week eleven - urban

I'm wide awake. It's the middle of the night. I'm standin' in the dark; waiting up for the light . . . And here I'll remain 'til the sun is in the sky, standing in the dark waiting up for the light . . . There is love -  there is peace in this world, so take it back -- say it's not what you had thought. Grab a hold. Take these melodies. With your hands write a song to sing. Isn't such a bad, bad world, I say. These times are strange - I can feel it in the night. I'm standing in the dark, holding out for the light . . . . . . And here I'll remain 'til the great sun shines --- standing in the dark; waitin' up for the light.
- Guster, Bad, Bad World

Yesterday, Scott & I drove to San Francisco for the Guster concert. Let me tell you, I love this band. I discovered them in college & went to three of their concerts in the four years I lived in Utah. I hadn't seen them since. Now nine years later, Scott surprised me with tickets to see them again. They were good - - - really good. I'd forgotten what awesome artists & performers they were. 

I got nervous about taking my camera into the city (where I had originally planned to get shots for this week), so I had to rely on my phone for pictures. I'm kicking myself now for chickening out.

We had front row seats - it was such a blast!

And for fun - here are a couple pics from this last summer when we went to San Fran for the day.

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