Thursday, December 30, 2010

Allyssa-Rae & Josh Get Hitched

Scott, Will & I flew up to Portland just before Christmas to attend our niece, Allyssa-Rae's wedding. It was so fun to see all the family. We love Allyssa-Rae & are so happy for her & Josh!

Josh & Allyssa-Rae ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Emily & Catrina

Scott & Will

Catrina & Yannick

the cousins: Barbie, Noelle, Ben, Kyle, Abbygail, Kayla, Jessie, Nickie

Dennis & Gail & the bride & groom

Mark & Joy - happy parents of the bride

busting out the running man!

Mark & Joy

the photographer ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mark w/ his father

Congratulations you two!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Eclipse DVD-Release Party

At the beginning of this month, Shana (who just started her own party planning blog: Party Profiles!) & I hosted an Eclipse DVD-release party. We planned everything in red, black & white, had tons of food to eat, & had a blast with our friends . . . minus the fact that Will kept coming downstairs when he was supposed to be in bed, so I ended up staying with him upstairs until Scott got home to take over. And Shana was so tired, she fell asleep part way through, so decided to just head home early.
Some favorites: chocolate cookies w/ chocolate frosting & jam thumbprints.
Shana also took these glass bottles & made a sparkling lemonade/cranberry juice/Sprite concoction for us to drink.

Sandi, Tammy, me, Jen, Crystal, Shana (the other guests hadn't arrived yet)

And wait - we had a surprise! Not just Jacob this time - Edward was able to come along too!
(thanks to Lynette)

Thanksgiving 2011

This year, I spent Thanksgiving with my family while Scott worked at the station (he's had to work every holiday this year!). I loved being with my family! Spending the day with them just reminded me of how blessed I truly am.

Steven & Amy with Timmy, Lily & Zach

Mom - - - Amy

Rachel's mom, Denise, spent the day with us.


Sammie - - - Leah & Wes: Wes kept bumping into her with his belly - she was not happy about it.



Cole - - - Zach

Sarah - - - Drew


Lily - - - Sam


Rachel & her sister, Nicole

Steve & Susan

Wes & Brad: Wes has abs of steel!

Drew - look at that pretty face

Wes just waking up from his nap. I love those droopy lips.