Monday, June 28, 2010

28 June - a little . . . okay, a LOT obsessed

For those of you who haven't read The Hunger Games, you're missing out. This series is my new favorite - I absolutely love it! I shied away from it for a long time after hearing it was about teenagers battling it out to the death (sounded pretty gruesome), but after all the reviews, I had to try it out. I'm so glad I did! I am officially obsessed with the series. It was well written, & sent me on a huge rollcoaster ride of emotions - excitement, anger, joy, anxiety, sadness, frustration. It reminded me in many ways of Lord of the Flies & The Lottery (a particular favorite short story that I remember from high school - showing a community's way of keeping "peace" through horrendous means). I highly recommend this! It's a trilogy - book 2: Catching Fire, & book 3 (coming out at the end of August): Mockingjay. They're also making a movie of the first book, due out sometime in 2011.

28 June - incredible savings!

I just had to share this. I mean Wow! - really great shopping at CVS today!
1 bag goldfish crackers (this was my splurge item): normally $2,
after sale & coupons (ASC) = $1.00
1 Aveeno shampoo
1 Aveeno conditioner
2 Aveeno styling products:
normally $31 total; 
ASC + $10 Extra Bucks reward + rebate = FREE
1 John Freida shampoo & 1 conditioner: normally $14 total;
$0.50 ea. ASC + $3 Extra Bucks reward = $1
3 Betty Crocker Warm Delights: normallly $6.87 total;
$0.13 ea. ASC = $0.39
6 packages Stayfree pads: normally $42 total;
TOTAL: normally = $95.94; ASC + rebate + tax = $3.05

SO, I ended up paying $3.05 out of pocket after using coupons, Extra Bucks from my last CVS purchase, & getting a $10 cash rebate for my Aveeno products + I have $13 in Extra Bucks to use on my next purchase. In that sense, it's like I was given $10 in store credit to get all this stuff! I'm officially converted to couponing.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

23 June - it feels good to save

All this loot normally costs about $95 before sales & coupons (crazy expensive!).
I paid $45 out of pocket & ended up with $25 credit towards my next purchase. So basically, I got all of this for $20, or paid for the Huggies at regular cost & got the rest for free plus $5 credit left over. I had about 79% savings today & am really excited! Thanks for getting me into couponing again Melanie!
1 - 64 oz. grape juice = $1
2 - Colgate toothpastes = earned $0.46
1 - 50-ct. ibuprofen = $1
1 - 82-ct jumbo pack Huggies = $7
3 - Kraft salad dressings = earned $0.50
3 - King size KitKats: $0.77 ea. = $2.31
grapes, tomatoes, serrano peppers = $3
1 - 1 lb. bag carrots = Free
2 - Coppertone sticks: $1 ea. = $2
10 - Sobe life waters = earned $1
3 - cans Cream of Chicken soup (not in picture): $0.50 ea. = $1.50
+tax = ~$20 total

Sunday, June 20, 2010

20 June - happy father's day

Happy Father's Day to all the men in our lives!

I know it took some time for Will to join us, but he was worth the wait. He lights up whenever you come home & absolutely adores you - I can see why. Love you Scott! I can't imagine a better husband & father.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

19 June - local book club

Anyone local who's interested in joining a book club, just let me know by posting a comment - if so, I'll give you more info on voting for our first group read in July. There are already 14 people confirmed, & it should be a lot of fun!

Amy K.
Liz D.
Cherrie M.
Jen P.
Sandi P.
Shana M.
Olivia E.
Emily C.
Lisa F.
Melanie C.
Meredith T.
Keri H.
Jessica B.

Friday, June 18, 2010

18 June - surprise trip to Tahoe

On Tuesday, Scott took William & me on a surprise 3-day, 2-night trip to South Lake Tahoe. We stayed at Harvey's where we had a beautiful view of the lake, & Scott planned out some amazing places to eat & play. Our first night there, we ate at Freshies - they specialize in everything organic & have the best fish tacos! By the time we got our food, Will was acting up so much that we had them box everything up to go (eating out just isn't the same with kids).
The next morning, Scott took us to a golf clubhouse where we ate a really good buffet breakfast w/ breakfast burritos, blueberry muffins, vanilla yogurt, bacon, fresh fruit, & country potatoes. We had the most amazing view of the lake & mountains.

 We had a great time walking around town & looking in the different shops & art galleries.
Then Scott drove us to a few different parks, so Will could run around. William especially loved the park that was right on the water, & he was able to chase seaguls & a little weiner dog. We also played catch & kicked a ball around.
This was the best vacation we've had in a long time, & we're so excited to go back again!

When we got home from Tahoe, I just couldn't stand Will's long hair anymore. We sat him in front of the TV, but he wouldn't hold still long enough, so we strapped him in his high chair, gave up on the scissors, & buzzed his head with the longest clipper we had. He looks like such a big boy with his short hair - he hardly looks like the same kid to me!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 June - Pride & Prejudice completed

Pride and Prejudice Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It was difficult for me to rate this book. Because it is such a well loved classic, I felt that perhaps it should automatically be awarded 5 stars. I have always loved this story & am glad that I can finally claim having read it instead of just seeing it played out on film. If I had not watched the movie so many times, I possibly would have called this book outstanding, but I noticed while reading that it was almost like the story was just humming in the background, much as a movie you've seen so many times can be watched without you needing to pay much attention to it, yet you are still able to comprehend everything that is happening. I love Austen's wit & her light-hearted characters & stories and am anxious to read another of her books that I am less familiar with to see how it affects me. I really enjoyed this!