Saturday, September 27, 2008

Painted House: Before Shots

Family Room Living Room Don't ask me how Scott got paint on his ear - considering I had him paint multiple samples all over the house, I think he did a great job keeping things clean - no spilling or anything (I was not so successful, so I just stopped helping). Master BedroomNursery Guest/Craft Room Laundry Room Dining Room - Everything in our house was covered with plastic & paper for the few days it took to have our house painted. A preview of the nursery (disregard my exposed belly). I want to get the other rooms put back together before I take pictures of them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Shower

Two weeks ago, Janice Darby, a friend from Danville who now lives up here, threw me a baby shower. Here are some pictures of the event (thanks Emily).

I had so many friends who helped out with the shower at Janice's home: Emily, Jillian, Tiffani, Meredith, & Lisa - thanks to all of you!

Opening presents Sara & Janice Lisa, Connie, Cherrie (pregnant w/ twins), & Lisa Cari, Monica, & Tammy This is not a maternity shirt, so the seams down the sides are skewed to stretch with my belly. My options for clothes to wear have diminished drastically. I decided it was either this shirt or my "Knocked Up" shirt - I thought the stripes might be a little more appropriate for a baby shower, even if it was a stretch to get the shirt on. I love my mom! Jillian & Emily

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Belly, Bead Board, Visitors, & Trip

My pregnant belly 3 weeks ago - at 33 1/2 weeks.
Scott installing bead board in our dining room (with our wonderful neighbor's help - Allen always manages to sneak out of pictures, but he has been amazing with so many of our projects). That's my husband . . . aren't I lucky?
Scott's sister (Karen), her daughter (Kayla), and a family friend (Julie) came to visit us over Labor Day weekend. We got to go visit Scott at his new station, where he dressed each of us up in firefighter gear. We had a great time, and it was so much fun having everyone come visit us. We love them so much - they are truly amazing people.
Kayla & Karen Kayla, Karen, Julie, Scott Scott, me, Kayla, Karen Comparing bellies Kayla all decked out for a fire.
We then spent a few days down in Tehachapi. It is such a beautiful place, & it was so great to visit again. Our last visit was over a year ago.
The first night we were there, Scott and his dad got ready to play racquetball & came out of their rooms wearing the exact same outfit (minus the shoes). Like father, like son.