Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family Reunion - Day 1: Muir Woods

This last week, we went to Stinson Beach to meet up with my family for a big reunion.
Our first day there, we went to Muir Woods.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

two quilts in the process - trying to make decisions

A couple weeks ago, I took a long-arm machine quilting class, & since then I've quilted 2 quilts for Will - his baby quilt & his more-recent big boy quilt. I don't have pictures of the finished products, but here's his twin-size one in the process of being quilted. I love the way it turned out.

Now I'm just having a difficult time deciding on my next step for the Little Lady's baby quilt. I was first inspired by this picture for the quilt design:

via Anna Maria Horner

Then I started wondering if I should add sashing between the squares to break things up a bit. I googled some pictures & found this one, which I also like a lot: 
via Film in the Fridge

I have my squares cut out & was leaning towards adding the sashing, but after staring at it for a long time & talking to my mom, I might be changing my mind. Decisions, decisions . . . . My mom says it looks more striking & dramatic without the sashing, & I'm starting to agree. But most people who've voiced their opinions like it with the sashing more . . . . Now I think I'm just more confused than ever. If I decide to add the sashing, I might add a small pale blue square at the joints (as shown in the last picture), but as of now, I think I need to take a step back & come back to it later once my mind isn't so crazy.

It's hard to see unless you zoom in on the picture, but the sashing I'm considering is white w/ small aqua dots,so it ties into the other fabrics as well.

via Diary of a Quilter

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Reunion - Emigrant Lake in Oregon

The last week of June, Scott, Will & I drove up to Oregon for a family reunion.
Here's our 5 days in (a lot of) pictures - there was a lot of playing in the sand & water, & for me, resting in the 5th-wheel. We had a great time & loved seeing everyone.

throwing water on Grandma & sword-fighting with Ben

FHE: Nikki, Will, Grandpa, Abbygail, Barbie, & Grandma

Aunt Karen bought Will an awesome Lightning McQueen bed.
- - - putting my feet up & enjoying the view

making sand castles/pancakes & searching for "buggies"

hating the life jacket

taking the baby-bump for a ride

Grandma spoiled Will with peanut butter & honey sandwiches. He ate about 4 in a row. All that sun & sand will make a boy hungry!

Going on a tube ride: Joy, Ben, Scott & Will, Mark

I loved going on the wave-runner with our little family - just the 4 of us.

some of the cousins (Kayla had to leave early): Kyle, Ben, Jessie, Noelle, Abbygail, Barbie, Nikki

Gail & her sister, Aunt Marilyn

Gail ended up in the water after trying to throw Jessie in.

Dennis, Michelle, Scott, & Mark - - - Karen, Gail, & Marilyn

On our last night at Emigrant Lake, we celebrated Grandpa's 70th birthday with cake & a pinata.

Thanks for the fun everyone!