Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Reunion - Emigrant Lake in Oregon

The last week of June, Scott, Will & I drove up to Oregon for a family reunion.
Here's our 5 days in (a lot of) pictures - there was a lot of playing in the sand & water, & for me, resting in the 5th-wheel. We had a great time & loved seeing everyone.

throwing water on Grandma & sword-fighting with Ben

FHE: Nikki, Will, Grandpa, Abbygail, Barbie, & Grandma

Aunt Karen bought Will an awesome Lightning McQueen bed.
- - - putting my feet up & enjoying the view

making sand castles/pancakes & searching for "buggies"

hating the life jacket

taking the baby-bump for a ride

Grandma spoiled Will with peanut butter & honey sandwiches. He ate about 4 in a row. All that sun & sand will make a boy hungry!

Going on a tube ride: Joy, Ben, Scott & Will, Mark

I loved going on the wave-runner with our little family - just the 4 of us.

some of the cousins (Kayla had to leave early): Kyle, Ben, Jessie, Noelle, Abbygail, Barbie, Nikki

Gail & her sister, Aunt Marilyn

Gail ended up in the water after trying to throw Jessie in.

Dennis, Michelle, Scott, & Mark - - - Karen, Gail, & Marilyn

On our last night at Emigrant Lake, we celebrated Grandpa's 70th birthday with cake & a pinata.

Thanks for the fun everyone!


  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun. Max loves wills bed. He loves cars. Love the picture of Will screaming when you guys put the life jacket on. Why d kids hat them so much?

  2. what a great vacation! i love the photos... gorgeous! Will is getting so big now. And you look fabulous, such a cute bump! ps. love your black toms!


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