Wednesday, July 6, 2011

back off perfectionism - I want to try something new

I'm the type of person who if something can't be done perfectly, it's hard for me to do anything at all. I second-guess & over-analyze to the point where hardly anything (as far as projects go) gets done. I am, in a sense, paralyzed by fear of failure or the inability to be perfect at something when first setting out to try it. My dad has even asked me (many times), "So, what have you done to fail lately?" His point in saying this is to tell me to take risks & to not be afraid of failure.

After all, "A life lived in fear is a life half-lived" (my favorite quote from Strictly Ballroom).

Yesterday, I had the thought come to me that I should try one thing each week that I've never tried before, whether it's reupholstering some chairs or discovering a new shop in town (today, it was Icing On the Cupcake - Will & I both devoured our confetti cupcakes.). I am always amazed at other people's talents & successes & wish so badly to have those same talents, but if I'm even going to have a shot at them, I need to have the courage to start & patience with myself for not being stellar my first go-around (or my second, or third, or . . .).

I've wanted to take art classes for such a long time. I loved art in elementary & middle school, but my interest kind of died down in high school when dance took over. When I finally remembered how much I loved art, I decided to fill my extra elective class up with an art class, which turned out to be run by the worst teacher ever. Let's just say she didn't last long at the school, & I learned squat.

For some reason, I never tried an art class in college - I was probably too intimidated by the fact that so many people in those classes already knew what they were doing (or did they?). So, years later, here I am trying to block out all the excuses, & just jump on in. Nothing has to be perfect, I just need to start & enjoy the process.

Lately, the thing to catch my eye has been watercolor (which I thought was weird since I always wanted to learn oils). I know absolutely nothing about this outside of the Crayola paint box, so I was shocked to find that watercolors came in tubes just like acrylics & oils! Who knew?! . . . probably everyone but me - should I really be getting involved in this? I spent way too long in the art supply aisle of JoAnn's today trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to start with & finally flipped through a beginner's watercolor book & read their list of supplies. Done. Paints, brushes, & other "things" that I don't understand in the cart, out the store, & in my home.

the materials

look dad! i tried something intimidating & completely foreign to me (& had a blast even though it wasn't done perfectly)!


  1. I love your watercolor!! It's beautiful!

  2. It looks are AMAZING!

  3. Can I frame that?! I love the colors and it looks great!

  4. I need to branch out too! I also LOVED art back in the day-now too-and need to dive back in. Thanks for the inspiration!


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