Sunday, June 29, 2008

Missouri Family Reunion & Church History Sights

The Edgren clanThe sisters, mother, aunt, & cousin (Top to bottom, left to right: Betsy, Martha, Maggie, Nancy, Sammie, Dorothy Anne, Mary Anne)Canoe Trip:

Drew, Sarah, Cole, & BradRich, Kailee, Chase, & BeckyScott & SpencerScott rescuing a capsized kayakThe already rescued kayaker, BrandonLily & AmyMatthew & SteveDrew & RichTimmyRobert, Johnny, Steve, Brad, & RachelSwimming hole along the wayThe Edgren siblings: Steven, me, Brad, Susan & RichPrego Sisters due 2 1/2 weeks apartTimmy, Zach, & KaileeZach wanted to shave his head like his Uncles Rich & ScottOn our way to Eureka Springs, ArkansasChase w/ a huge hermit crabMom, Sammie, and Dad squeezing into the back of the car after Sammie's car broke down. We had to pick her up at a car repair shop & managed to squeeze three tires & all the groceries from Sam's Club into the back of our rental car.Liberty JailFar West (temple cornerstone)Adam-ondi-AhmanSnapping Turtle

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

3 Baby Boys & a Day w/ 2 Pregos

2 Weeks Ago:
My friends, Catherine and Josh, just recently had a beautiful baby boy, Jaxon. Tiffani, Andrew and I took them dinner one night as an excuse to see their sweet baby for the first time (Scott was working).

Tiffani w/ Carson (he turned 1 that day), Catherine w/ Jaxon (1 week old), and me w/ baby Will (21 weeks gestational ;) I wanted a picture w/ the Three Amigos together - I know I'm cheesy (or weird), especially since Will's still a cookin', but I thought it would be fun to look back on us w/ our babies in these 3 different stages.
My lifelong friend, Caitlin, came to visit me for the day. We started our day w/ McDonald's drive-through (I had to get my Omega 3's from the Filet-o-fish - it's all for the baby). We then went shopping at Old Navy and the Outlets (Carter's, Baby Gap, Gymboree, Gap, etc.) It was so fun buying so many cute things for Will at such great prices. I was also so excited to find tank tops for me to work out in (the tank tops I had been wearing prior had holes in them, and they were riding up my belly - I called my mom crying one day b/c I didn't have any tank tops to wear to the gym: I was having an emotional day). I also found some mix-&-match swimsuits at Gap for really cheap (all of my other swimsuits looked like they were a size too small). When we arrived home from our long day of shopping, Scott had dinner ready for us (the Ashby's were there as well - Leslie & their kids stayed the night since they're in the process of moving away:(. The night then ended with Scott, Caitlin, & I going to Big Spoon (you serve your own frozen yogurt & put as many toppings on as you want. You then pay for your dessert by weight).
All of Will's little goodies (I'm a sucker for stripes).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So it's been a while

I haven't had anything huge or grand happen to me lately, so I haven't had a desire to post anything. But I figure I've postponed updating my blog for long enough. Here's a list of my latest going-ons:

Scott and I went to a ward couples' dinner at John's Incredible Pizza. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet with salad, pizza, pasta, and frozen yogurt (my personal favorite). There's also games and rides you can go on there, but we basically just sat in one room and talked to other members in our ward. All the girls in this picture are pregnant (there are at least six girls in our ward who are pregnant right now, two of them with twins), and of course two of us are wearing the same maternity shirt (there's a third girl in our ward who also has the same shirt).

This isn't the greatest picture, but I figured it was time for me to post a picture of my belly. I think it's grown some since then. I can feel Will kicking all the time. We went in for a thorough ultrasound last week, and he hardly held still long enough for the tech to get all the different measurements and pictures that she needed to make sure he's progressing okay. He had such a personality, and she kept commenting on how cute he is. It was also confirmed that we're having a boy. The tech said that they couldn't guarantee if it was a boy or a girl, but as soon as she went down to that region of his body, I immediately saw our proud boy showing off his goods. He was not shy at all, and the tech just started laughing. It was extremely obvious that he's a he.

I have been craving honey nut cheerios with strawberries accompanied by a glass of chocolate Silk (brand of soy milk). I've eaten it at least every morning for the past few weeks, if not for dinner as well. In the last month or so, I've poured choc. Silk into my cereal instead of regular milk at least five times. I have a bad case of baby brain.

Last week, I went to San Francisco to visit Caitlin. We looked around at a bunch of baby stores (she had to return all of her baby boy clothes because she found out she's having a girl instead), we ate really good deli sandwiches while sitting on a curb between parked cars (we had to keep getting up and moving because people kept coming and going in their cars. We were pretty pathetic with our attempts at getting up and down quickly, and would both moan at the same time when trying to sit down again. I wish we had pictures of us like that.) We then went to an A's game that night with Cait's hubby and sat in the first row. We had our own server and everything. On my way home that night, I was extremely low on gas and my cell phone battery was basically dead. I was driving in a sketchy area and had the choice of my car breaking down on the freeway or pulling off to get gas in a neighborhood that didn't have the best reputation for being a safe place. I called Scott while he was at work, and he told me to pull off at a Chevron (higher priced gas = less likely to have thugs hanging around). (Keep in mind that my cell phone was dying, so I had to stay on the phone with Scott as little as possible.) I finally spotted a Chevron off the freeway, so I exited. However, when I got off the freeway, the street was completely black. There were no lights, and I had to wind my way around town and make a horseshoe back to the Chevron on the other side of the freeway. There were men walking along the streets, I was alone in my car, it was really late at night, and I couldn't waste anytime talking on my dying phone unless absolutely necessary. I finally got to the gas station where I immediately noticed that all the pumps were "stopped." There was a man sitting in his car at the station with his door wide open and a hooded sweatshirt on. I finally parked my car at a pump and started walking to the little store to ask the girls inside why the pumps were down. As I'm doing this, I hear the man say, "Oh, how cute." I thought he was taunting me, so I tried to ignore him. The store door was locked, so I looked over at the man. He had a big smile on his face and asked, "How far along are you?" He had actually noticed that I was pregnant (not many people had up to that point), and was making small chat. I felt relieved right away that he was being friendly to me. He informed me that the girls inside the store were trading shifts, so he was waiting for the pumps to turn back on too. He then asked me if I was married, told me it was a shame I was pregnant because he was on his way to a party that night that I would probably like, and then told me I had beautiful eyes. Scott was trying to call me in the middle of all this to make sure I was okay (he was terrified for me). I filled my tank up part way, got directions for how to get back to the freeway without having to go through town again, and took off. As soon as I got on the freeway, I started bawling. I was so scared. I'm so glad that I made it home safely . . . I know Heavenly Father was definitely looking out for me.

At the A's game (sorry for posting the picture Cait, but blogs always look better with pictures, even if it isn't the best one we've ever taken together).

The Cheescake Factory just recently opened here, so Scott and I went there with some friends of ours. We ordered this huge burger to share. Their serving sizes are outrageous, but the food is so good.Tiffani and Andrew I actually look more pregnant without Scott's hand on my belly (maybe if his hand wasn't flattening my stomach and was down lower where my belly tilts out, you would be able to see how big I'm getting). I absolutely love the changes going on with my body. It's so weird, and I have to admit (this is random) that I look ridiculous if I try to dance now. I actually think it's really funny looking when I dance with this growth on me, and can't stop laughing when I do. I just can't move as sexy as I used to;) . . . now it just looks like I'm trying too hard to look like a dancer, but just come across as extremely awkward (kind of like some of the embarrassing dance auditions on So You Think You Can Dance - hey, at least I know I look awkward and can have fun with it).
My flowers look awesome! They've grown so much, and the more I prune them, the more flowers I get. I'm so proud of myself for keeping them not only alive but beautiful as well. My tomato plants have also gotten a lot taller and are starting to get little green tomatoes on them.As it turns out, I've had plenty to blog about. I guess I've really just been lazy.