Sunday, June 29, 2008

Missouri Family Reunion & Church History Sights

The Edgren clanThe sisters, mother, aunt, & cousin (Top to bottom, left to right: Betsy, Martha, Maggie, Nancy, Sammie, Dorothy Anne, Mary Anne)Canoe Trip:

Drew, Sarah, Cole, & BradRich, Kailee, Chase, & BeckyScott & SpencerScott rescuing a capsized kayakThe already rescued kayaker, BrandonLily & AmyMatthew & SteveDrew & RichTimmyRobert, Johnny, Steve, Brad, & RachelSwimming hole along the wayThe Edgren siblings: Steven, me, Brad, Susan & RichPrego Sisters due 2 1/2 weeks apartTimmy, Zach, & KaileeZach wanted to shave his head like his Uncles Rich & ScottOn our way to Eureka Springs, ArkansasChase w/ a huge hermit crabMom, Sammie, and Dad squeezing into the back of the car after Sammie's car broke down. We had to pick her up at a car repair shop & managed to squeeze three tires & all the groceries from Sam's Club into the back of our rental car.Liberty JailFar West (temple cornerstone)Adam-ondi-AhmanSnapping Turtle


  1. What a fun trip!! The Canoe trek looks so cool. GLad there weren't any tornados!! :)

    Miss you guys. Let's get together soon.

  2. GREAT pictures! I loved seeing the whole fam- we need to do this more often! I didn't know you and Susan were 2 and a half weeks apart!!! So cool!
    Hope you're feeling great! Love yas!

  3. What fun! Look at all those pretty kids. They are growing so fast! I love that you have all these churchy pictures in a row and then you end with a snapping turtle. Perfect.

  4. great pics liz! you and susan look so cute :) glad you all had so much fun!

  5. Fun pictures!!! Looks like you all had a blast!!!!

  6. Cute suits and I am glad that you captures the viscous turtle on camera. You were missed at Bunko tonight.

  7. We had so much fun! Love your post. It's so fun to see everyones photos.

    What a GREAT family we have.

    love ya,



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