Saturday, April 30, 2011

who needs a jungle gym when you have a truck?

He was scared to get down on his own, but he eventually got up the courage. Of course, he came close to letting go & falling backwards onto the pavement, but the little guy surprised us all & hung on tight!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

projects in the works

Scott & I are each doing our part to get Will's "big boy" room put together. I'm so glad to have the nasty sour apple walls repainted in my former sewing room. That color was a definite mistake when we chose it 3 years ago.

Scott painting while Will climbs the step ladder in his Toy Story Pull-Ups (we're hoping to potty train soon.)

I love the new blue. These pictures don't do the horrible green justice - it's way too bright in person.

I finished the back of Will's new twin-size quilt today. Here are the fabrics for the front (minus one that I'm waiting for in the mail).

I discovered a new quilt store today in Folsom called "Sew Fun." While trying to find the rest of the fabrics for Will's quilt, I couldn't resist buying some fabrics for the Little Lady's baby quilt (I already had some of these, so I just picked up a few more fabrics to balance out the colors).

It feels good to see things coming together!

Friday, April 15, 2011

friend reunion & the start of a courtship

Last Saturday, I was so excited to go to Danville to see my best friend, Caitlin - visiting from her current abode in Hong Kong. We had a great time catching up over lunch at Pasta Primavera & then watching Livi & Will start their courtship once we were all fed. Just you watch, you're going to witness their love blossoming over the years on this blog - haha! I wish! :)

Trying to get a decent picture with two kids who'd rather be chasing each other is not as easy as you might think.

would have worked, but it was fuzzy

this will have to do

Will & Liv found a "buggie" (nasty yellow spider) & were trying to catch it - oh the joys of a first date.

they spent a good part of their time jumping off a little curb

the ladies - me w/ baby girl, my mom, Caitlin, Livi, Silvia, Kathy (Scott was good enough to come along as a babysitter for Will)


Liv took such a liking to Scott. She cried when it was time to say goodbye to him.

holding hands

There were some beautiful ranunculus outside the restaurant. I love this time of year & all the awesome flowers & colors everywhere.

Thanks for the fun Cait & Livi! We are so glad that we got to spend the afternoon with you & can't wait for the next time to get together!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seeing Pink

Well, it's official! We had our 20 week ultrasound on Friday, & we're having a . . .


Can I just tell you how shocked I was?!!! I thought for sure we were having another little boy - we even had a name picked out (which will remain anonymous until we do have another boy . . . I guess if we  have another boy). When I realized we were having a girl instead, I was so surprised. Everyone kept telling me that's what we would have, but I didn't believe them. Even Scott knew it would be a girl. So as I went back and forth between laughing & crying, absolutely giddy, Scott sat there with a calm smirk. Apparently he was so prepared for a girl already that it wasn't such a big deal. Talk about anti-climactic! I was practically jumping out of my skin, & he had hardly anything to say about it! Don't get me wrong, he was really happy, he just wasn't blind-sided like I was. So in conclusion, we are both looking forward to this baby girl & are starting to get things ready for her arrival in the next 20 weeks.

some pictures that have me thinking girl:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Dramas of Infertility

I thought that after being 20 weeks pregnant, it was about time I posted some of the drama we had with this pregnancy, so I can have a record of it.

As you know, it took us a miscarriage, followed by a few years of infertility before Scott & I were finally able to get pregnant with Will - Clomid was our miracle drug. This second go around, I kept putting off fertility treatment b/c I thought my body had regulated, & I would be able to get pregnant without the aid of medication. After eight, often frustrating months, I'd had enough! I decided I was ready to start jumping through all the infertility hoops again, hoping we would find greater success with that than we were on our own. I did the bloodwork, had to do the horrible HSG (the main reason I was putting off fertility treatments), & then waited for the next step - hopefully Clomid.

About six weeks after my HSG, I got a call from the Fertility Clinic to set up an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner for an ultrasound & to figure out my options. I went to the appointment with Will in tow & was so relieved to finallly get to the part where they would give me my Clomid perscription. Well, it wasn't so easy. There were some complications with the NP telling me she wasn't giving me the medicine, & I would have to come back on day 5 of my period, which would end up putting me back in there in another week. I was extra stressed b/c if I was going to have the chance of starting Clomid that month, I'd have to start it on day 5, & this NP was possibly not going to allow it. She said my lining was really thick, & she wanted to make sure it shed enough before giving me the medicine.

After the initial appointment, I met the NP in her office to discuss things some more, & I just started bawling. I was so frustrated with having already waited so long to be pregnant, & they were having me jump through more hoops! I blabbered to her & told her how ridiculous the whole situation was since I already knew Clomid worked for me. The whole time, Will just stared at me like I was crazy, which I guess I was. The woman kept a serious, unemotional face, which aggravated me even more! Was she a robot with absolutely no feelings?!!! Finally, she told me that I had signs of pre-uteran cancer & they may have to do an endometrial biopsy. They weren't going to give me the medication I needed to get pregnant until they felt I was "safe." What?!!! Talk about a slap in the face! I started crying even more, & the whole time the nurse was talking to me, I kept feeling like she was on some power trip & just trying to scare me b/c I was crying & complaining about all the hoops they were making me jump through when other insurances didn't do that. I left a complete emotional wreck & didn't recover for the rest of the day. Poor Will was plopped in front of the TV with movie after movie playing while I researched pre-uteran cancer & felt like my possibilities of having another child had come to an end. Let me tell you, I never realized how terrifying the word "cancer" was until it was applied to me.

Scott happened to be doing OB/GYN rotations at this same time & talked to the PA there, who said my NP was full of it - I didn't even begin to fit the criteria for someone with pre-uteran cancer. This gave me a little comfort, but I still couldn't pull my head out for the rest of the day. The whole week was horrible, actually. Scott was so upset with how my NP handled things that he told me to drive up to where he was working his OB rotations, & they would write me the Clomid prescription. The night before going, Scott made me take a pregnancy test just in case. I fought it b/c every time I'd taken one, it was always negative, & I thought it would be a waste of money & just make me upset again. Well, I took the test, & it showed positive right away! It turns out I was pregnant (why the clinic didn't have me take a pregnancy test before coming in is a mystery to me). I was absolutely shocked & ecstatic! I had miraculousy gotten pregnant without the medication & was already 6 weeks along, which would have made me 5 weeks pregnant when I went into the fertility clinic, hence the thick lining! I wanted to march into the NP's office, show her the pee-stick & then punch her in the face for scaring me so bad.

It's taken me a long time to realize that I really am pregnant, even though I'm now halfway through. It was such a shock that I didn't need the Clomid that I still don't feel like it's real. I'm just so grateful that things have turned out so far & am reminded that the Lord's hand is in our lives & things happen in his time, not ours. The outcome of this whole ordeal is truly a miracle!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Working in the Garden

My grandmother, Sammie, gave us a lemon tree for Christmas two years ago. We've had it planted in a pot on our patio, & it just seemed to be getting worse & worse as time went on. So Scott & Will took it out of the pot & replanted it in our backyard. Here's hoping the extra space will help this tree out! I'm looking forward to some lemons!

William was filthy by the time they were finished. Look at those shoes!