Saturday, April 16, 2011

projects in the works

Scott & I are each doing our part to get Will's "big boy" room put together. I'm so glad to have the nasty sour apple walls repainted in my former sewing room. That color was a definite mistake when we chose it 3 years ago.

Scott painting while Will climbs the step ladder in his Toy Story Pull-Ups (we're hoping to potty train soon.)

I love the new blue. These pictures don't do the horrible green justice - it's way too bright in person.

I finished the back of Will's new twin-size quilt today. Here are the fabrics for the front (minus one that I'm waiting for in the mail).

I discovered a new quilt store today in Folsom called "Sew Fun." While trying to find the rest of the fabrics for Will's quilt, I couldn't resist buying some fabrics for the Little Lady's baby quilt (I already had some of these, so I just picked up a few more fabrics to balance out the colors).

It feels good to see things coming together!


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