Thursday, November 11, 2010

chasing chickens

On Monday, I took Will by Scott's station to say hello. There are a bunch of wild chickens in the community there, & the firefighters feed them, hold them, & welcome them inside. Captain Pat let Will feed the chickens when we came to visit, & Will got so excited! He spent a majority of the time chasing them around.

In turn, Scott chased Will. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SYTYCD on tour

A couple months ago, Scott surprised me with tickets for So You Think You Can Dance season 7 tour.

Last night, we drove down to Vacaville to drop Will off with my parents. When we got there, we ate at an incredible burger place called Five Guys - I highly recommend it (if no one in your family has peanut allergies)! After eating our delicious dinner & saying bye to Will, we drove back to Sacramento for the big show!

All I have to say is "WOW!" I was amazed at the talent these people have, & honestly, some of the dances almost brought me to tears. They were so beautiful! I especially loved watching Lauren, Kent, Dominic, Robert & Courtney (although everyone was so good)!
Thanks for the awesome treat Scott! It was unbelievable to see!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monterey Weekend

On Thursday, my friend Tiffani & I took the kids to my parents' beach house in Monterey. We spent two incredible days there!

After we arrived at the house, we took a walk down to the beach - the sky was beautiful!

the surfers coming in for the night - Isn't the light reflected in the water gorgeous?!

Carson & William - the start of "battle for the shovels"

Caitlin - she is the happiest little girl!

the sky before we went back home for bed - WOW!

Our second day in Monterey, we woke up & went to breakfast at First Awakenings. We all shared an order of huevos rancheros & wheatberry pancakes w/ fresh strawberries & whip cream - so good! 
After breakfast, we went to Dennis the Menace Park to play. This park is so much fun, & we all had a blast.
Will made me nervous on some of the play structures b/c they were so big for him! But I started to calm down after a while & was amazed by how well he did.
This slide was very popular - there were always kids on it. It was so funny watching the kids go down it b/c they would bounce, & their cheeks would shake all the way down.

Will loved watching the planes that were always flying over us - he would scream & point almost every time a plane came b/c he was so out-of-control excited!

I love this bright yellow backdrop & Will's huge smile, but of course his eyes were closed - typical!
Can you guess what he's so excited about up in the sky? . . . That's right, another plane!

After the park, we went home for much needed naps. When everyone had rested (minus Tiffani who had to study for a test), we went down to the beach again.
Will stalking the pigeons.

Tiffani & Carson discovered a dead jellyfish.

more shovel disagreements - Will got mad & threw his.

Tiffani got Carson to take a picture of us - not too shabby!

My favorite part about the beach was chasing Will around while pretending to be planes & then rolling our pants up & jumping over the little waves. We got soaked! The water came up close to Will's stomach, & just below my knees by the time we finished. His jeans were waterlogged & kept falling down, so we just took them off for the rest of the time.
foreshadowing the future tantrum

Will was in heaven seeing all the dogs on the beach!