Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monterey Weekend

On Thursday, my friend Tiffani & I took the kids to my parents' beach house in Monterey. We spent two incredible days there!

After we arrived at the house, we took a walk down to the beach - the sky was beautiful!

the surfers coming in for the night - Isn't the light reflected in the water gorgeous?!

Carson & William - the start of "battle for the shovels"

Caitlin - she is the happiest little girl!

the sky before we went back home for bed - WOW!

Our second day in Monterey, we woke up & went to breakfast at First Awakenings. We all shared an order of huevos rancheros & wheatberry pancakes w/ fresh strawberries & whip cream - so good! 
After breakfast, we went to Dennis the Menace Park to play. This park is so much fun, & we all had a blast.
Will made me nervous on some of the play structures b/c they were so big for him! But I started to calm down after a while & was amazed by how well he did.
This slide was very popular - there were always kids on it. It was so funny watching the kids go down it b/c they would bounce, & their cheeks would shake all the way down.

Will loved watching the planes that were always flying over us - he would scream & point almost every time a plane came b/c he was so out-of-control excited!

I love this bright yellow backdrop & Will's huge smile, but of course his eyes were closed - typical!
Can you guess what he's so excited about up in the sky? . . . That's right, another plane!

After the park, we went home for much needed naps. When everyone had rested (minus Tiffani who had to study for a test), we went down to the beach again.
Will stalking the pigeons.

Tiffani & Carson discovered a dead jellyfish.

more shovel disagreements - Will got mad & threw his.

Tiffani got Carson to take a picture of us - not too shabby!

My favorite part about the beach was chasing Will around while pretending to be planes & then rolling our pants up & jumping over the little waves. We got soaked! The water came up close to Will's stomach, & just below my knees by the time we finished. His jeans were waterlogged & kept falling down, so we just took them off for the rest of the time.
foreshadowing the future tantrum

Will was in heaven seeing all the dogs on the beach!


  1. I feel like I should just copy your post to my blog because you captured the weekend in words perfectly!

  2. Looks like a blast. Maybe some day we can be there at the same time. You'll have to do the chasing though because I'm not fast enough!

  3. GORGEOUS pictures Liz! You are becoming quite the photographer. You and William are beautiful people.

  4. How fun! And gorgeous pictures!

  5. Liz, you are seriously amazing with that camera. I just want to stare and some of these all day! Looks like a fabulous vacation.


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