Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Play Time

Scott's parents just left this morning from their short visit. We had our nightly ritual (at least when they're here) of playing Ripple (w/ Skip-Bo cards). I don't know what it is, but as soon as I sit down to play cards with Dennis, I get very competitive (I had to stop being so competitive after marrying Scott b/c he wouldn't play games with me otherwise).

Dennis & Gail took Will to the park while I ran some errands, & I met up with them later.

 Dennis & I are both pretty camera happy (although I let him take over pretty much all of the picture taking).

It was fun experimenting with the camera & sneaking pictures of Will while trying to sit inside a tunnel - definitely not the most comfortable place. 

Will loved playing in the sand. By the end of our park trip, he was covered in sand - it was so thick in his hair that it looked like he had cradle cap (gross, huh?).

Will especially liked playing in the spraying mist. He kept laughing & spinning in circles with the other kids there every time I turned it on. He also tried catching the water in his mouth, & his hair & face were drenched by the time we left.

After we got home, I gave Will a bath in the kitchen sink. He was screaming & squirming all over the place, & I needed Gail to help me hold him in place, so I could finish getting the caked sand out of his hair. As it turned out, he was throwing a tantrum b/c he wanted a piece of bread - all that playing had made him hungry . . . really hungry, apparently!
After he calmed down from his tantrum, Will was his normal happy self & showed off his cars & belly button to grandma & grandpa.

We love when grandma & grandpa come to visit & can't wait for them to come again!


  1. All of those photos of Will were ADORABLE!

  2. These photos are fabulous!!! i love love love your camera.... your lens makes me excited beyond words!!

    Oh the Will, he's my favorite little boy in the world!!!

    Your Monterey weekend post right under this one was fabulous... you are gorgeous and looks like you had the BEST TIME EVER!!

    while you're at the BEACH, we're brewing up hot cocoa and watching the snow fall outside!!! we need to come visit! :)

  3. Dennis is responsible for basically all the great photos in the post - I think he's partially the reason I've gotten more into photography (or at least trying to learn).

    And Katy, I would LOVE you guys to come visit! You are ALWAYS welcome!!!!!

  4. liz, i think i have asked this before but curious what camera you are working with? more importantly, what lens? i am in the beginning stages of turning my photography hobby into more of a career and am looking for all the tidbits of information i can get! thanks in advance!

    and ps. your boy is as cute as ever. such a fun age!


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