Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 Nov - Jax & Will

Today, William & I went to pick up Jaxon for a play date. We started by going to Target to pick up Toy Story 3 & look at all the fun toys.
They loved watching the dinosaur, Buzz Lightyear, & Big Foot displays that were set up in the different aisles.

After Target, we went to the park!

Will & this little girl were backing up the slide. I helped Will up, & while trying to move him off the slide, he kicked the little girl to get her to move too (I promise we are working on this!).

Little buddies. We had a great day & can't wait to play some more!


  1. What a doll. He looks so grown up I can hardly believe it. Where's our baby?!

  2. oh great photos!! i love watching Ava play with her little friends, it totally makes my day!

    Halloween looked like it was awesome, Will is adorable in his costume!!


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