Tuesday, November 20, 2007

3 Years

Last night, Scott and I celebrated our third year of marriage. For our anniversary, we decided to go get massages at Massage Envy (they have a first-time special of $40/person, so it was in our budget). You always see people getting massages together on Reality shows (The Bachelor, for example), and it always looks so romantic - so that's what we decided to do. However, when we got into the room, our tables were facing two opposite corners - already not as romantic as the TV shows portray. We couldn't hold hands or even talk unless we shouted to each other (I guess we could have played footsies if we really stretched our legs far). When we first got in the room, one of the massage therapists showed us to our tables and then said, "We're going to leave the room, and after we do, you can undress to whatever's comfortable for you, get on the table, and cover up with the sheet." Before the woman even finished saying this, Scott's shoes and shirt were thrown into his corner of the room, and he was laying in a ball on top of the table. Scott moved so fast (he'd been anticipating the massage all day and was really excited for it. He was like a kid going to Disneyland and seeing Mickey for the first time). The ladies just started laughing, and one of them went over and told Scott the correct way to lie down, and then covered him with the sheet - it looked like she was tucking a little kid into bed. Even after they left the room, I could still hear the ladies laughing in the hallway. Anyway . . . the rest of the massage was wonderful. When it ended, I could barely move, let alone walk straight down the hallway. We had such a great time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The end is in sight

Scott has been on a 1-year probation ever since he finished the Fire Academy last year. Every four months, he has had to take a test to make sure he knows the ins and outs of firefighting and EMS. Yesterday, he took his 12-month, and after 6 1/2 hours of testing, he found out he passed without any problems! He is basically a permanent firefighter for Sac Metro, (probation officially ends Dec. 7). Now, he'll only be let go if he does something completely horrible, which I don't see happening. It is such a load off his shoulders to know that he has a secure job now. He was so excited when he got home yesterday that he could hardly eat his dinner (the missionaries were over, and they were already on seconds while Scott wasn't even half-way through his first helping. He was smiling and talking so much that he couldn't get a bite in - he was completely wired).
SO everyone tell him congratulations! He's been dreaming about this job his whole life, and he finally has it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ancestor Wall

I have attempted many times now to create an ancestor wall in my home. However, every time I try to make copies of the pictures, they turn out green, and I am charged a ridiculous amount to print them up. My sister, Susan, always tells me just to scan them and have them printed at Costco for cheaper, but the times I have tried to scan them, either the scanner isn't working or they turn out really dusty looking. So, Scott and I decided to buy a scanner. Now I can actually scan the pictures, edit them, and print them at Costco. I am still in the process of scanning and editing some of the pictures, but the ones I finished turned out so well - they look like brand new photos (they look even better printed up).

My grandfather, Daddy Don (Donald Love), with his sister Dorothy Anne
My great-grandmother, Hazel Susan
My grandmother, Sammie Lou (Never call her grandma, or she'll hit you - no she's not abusive in any way, she just goes by Sammie.)My mother, Martha Susan
My Aunt Nancy, my mom, and my Aunt Betsy (I'm named after her - Elizabeth Jane)
My Grandpa Lloyd and Grandma Aileen (There used to be a big tear in this picture.)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The next step.

The fertility process is such a long and difficult one. I have already had one horrific test to see if I'm "all clear" in the tubal area (Did you know the tubes take up about two inches in your body, and they are about as thin as ribbon dental floss? I was shocked.), Scott's had to take his own test, and today I finished all the blood work I needed to do (they needed to test me for ten different things, so they took five tubes worth of blood, and three of them were the biggest tubes they have - my hand was tingling close to the end, and now, an hour later, my arm is bruised and weak). This process sucks! But at least I can finally make an appointment to see a doctor and move on to the next step - hopefully Clomid.
Scott and I have our ups and downs with this whole situation, but we are still hopeful that we will be able to start a family. We try not to let it overwhelm us and get us down, but rather focus on other aspects of our life to distract us from the stress of starting a family - or the inability to do so. We are so grateful for all of the prayers on our behalf, and we love you all.