Monday, November 12, 2007

Ancestor Wall

I have attempted many times now to create an ancestor wall in my home. However, every time I try to make copies of the pictures, they turn out green, and I am charged a ridiculous amount to print them up. My sister, Susan, always tells me just to scan them and have them printed at Costco for cheaper, but the times I have tried to scan them, either the scanner isn't working or they turn out really dusty looking. So, Scott and I decided to buy a scanner. Now I can actually scan the pictures, edit them, and print them at Costco. I am still in the process of scanning and editing some of the pictures, but the ones I finished turned out so well - they look like brand new photos (they look even better printed up).

My grandfather, Daddy Don (Donald Love), with his sister Dorothy Anne
My great-grandmother, Hazel Susan
My grandmother, Sammie Lou (Never call her grandma, or she'll hit you - no she's not abusive in any way, she just goes by Sammie.)My mother, Martha Susan
My Aunt Nancy, my mom, and my Aunt Betsy (I'm named after her - Elizabeth Jane)
My Grandpa Lloyd and Grandma Aileen (There used to be a big tear in this picture.)


  1. I'm so glad you're doing this! I've wanted to for so long, but don't live close enough. Send me copies please!

    Love you

  2. I've been trying to guess your password so I could hijack your blog, but I can't guess it. Good job picking a difficult password!

    Go see what Paige did to Celia's blog!

  3. Those are fabulous pictures - great idea of the ancestor wall! You look like your mom - beautiful. You need to take a picture of you and Scott, make it black and white and put it up too.

  4. Those Roark sisters are Spanking Sexy!

    SD Perryman

  5. That picture of your mom is breathtaking, what an awesome project!!

  6. Your mom was showing some leg! I love it!!

  7. good job Liz! that is SO cute- I almost cried, bc I wanted to do this too. I love my family very much too. YOu look JUST like your mom in these pics-- she is beautiful!

  8. great project to work on. Good luck. Looks great so far=)


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