Monday, November 1, 2010

1 Nov - those little comforts

When Will wakes up from his nap, he tends to be irritable, & usually, the best thing to calm him down is putting on a favorite movie (today's choice was Cars), giving him a sippy cup, & letting him snuggle his lion blanket (or "by' she").

Will drags this blanket around everywhere! In fact, we have two just in case one of them gets lost or needs to be washed (he used to press his hands against the washer door & cry while his lion tumbled in circles)!

And I don't know why, but he's comforted by holding/dragging the lion around by its tail.
Finding the tail & . . . perfection.


  1. Scott used to carry around a blankey. I remember one time we dove off with his blankey on top of the car and my dad turned around and we had to search for it on the side of the road or there was no way any of us was going to sleep that night:D


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