Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 on 10 | april

april 2012 - the little miracles in my life

I love this time of year; it is a time for renewed hope, love & life. I look at my beautiful family & am reminded of the miracle they are. They remind me of the simple pleasures in life & help me to refocus on the truly important things. William is full of curiosity, laughter, & mischief. He surprises me with his moments of intuition, offering unexpected hugs & telling me he loves me for no obvious reason. Reminding me to "wake up" when I start to slip into moments of depression, even though he doesn't realize the deep effect those words have & the strength they give me to keep fighting to enjoy life. Ruby is growing so fast. She is my sweet girl. She loves me whole-heartedly & makes sure to let everyone know that I am hers. She smiles so much, even when she doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. As a young baby, she already seems full of optimism & cheerfulness. I know that I am blessed & am grateful for my sweet children who are daily reminders of that. They keep me grounded, & I love them dearly.

Easter morning.

sharing his loot.

a beautiful spring day.

throwing sticks & rocks in the water.

over the river & through the woods.

tuckered out.

the start of a wonderful sibling friendship.

round two easter egg hunt. finding frogs: little Huck Finn.

snuggles with daddy.

taking a bottle now. playing is hard work.

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