Friday, April 20, 2012

fifty two on fridays | week sixteen - details

"Time can be a greedy thing - sometimes it steals the details for itself."
- Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

I find that the things I treasure most, when I take the time to notice them, are the details of life. The feel of my daughter's hand brushing my face & tangling in my hair as she falls asleep in my arms. The way my son runs to the front door squealing, "Daddy!" with arms thrown out wide, hair flopping, skivvies peeking out from under his shirt, & a huge smile spread across his face. Carrying my sleeping child to his bed & pressing a kiss to his forehead while whispering, "I love you;" to see his eyes flutter open & repeat those perfect words back to me. All these little details add up to the most incredible, overwhelming feelings of love - the smiles, laughs, tears, comforting words, hugs. So many small moments that make life perfectly beautiful.

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  1. Your kids are so cute and I love this post. Why is it so hard to just stop and enjoy the little things. I know whenever I do, I am so much happier and my day goes by so well


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