Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Bunco

My friend Meredith hosted a Halloween Bunco Night this last Wednesday. It was so much fun seeing everyone in their great costumes!

Crystal (baby pumpkin), Meredith (Bo Peep), Jessica (Soldier Barbie), Sandi (clown), Jen (hippie in roller skates), me (Nacho Libre - Mexican wrestler: spandex really doesn't breathe well, & I was boiling hot, but it was fun! I never thought I'd wear all spandex unless I was in a dance recital - surprise!), Tammy (pregnant witch), Shana (70's chick), Cherrie (gypsy), Lisa (cheerleader)


  1. didn't recognize you with the mask, awesome costume!

  2. How do you get your pictures to post so large on your blog?? I want mine to be large also.

  3. Sandi, I don't know. Ever since they changed the posting format, whenever I click on the picture, I can choose "large" or "extra large." I usually choose large, but every once in a while like the pictures bigger. If that doesn't make sense or doesn't work, I can show you whenever you want the help.

  4. I recognize parts of that costume! Glad you've got lots of black spandex under it this time. I wish I looked like that in spandex. Zach is going to be so jealous of your costume. Love you babe.


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