Sunday, October 17, 2010

William's 2-Year Party

We invited some of our friends over for a small "2-year birthday" celebration last night, BUT we had to cancel last minute because everyone in our home has been sick! Scott has been getting over a cold, I'm in the middle of one, & I wasn't sure whether Will was getting one or not.
So we took our previously planned small party down a notch & just had our own little shindig.
Will was so excited about the balloons, that he didn't want to do anything beyond hitting & chasing them around the house. Scott finally had to hide them, so we could eat dinner & open presents - Will was NOT happy about this & cried until he was distracted by his favorite pepperoni pizza.
After dinner, we opened presents. It took some coaxing, but once he realized there were toys hidden in the wrapping paper, he got really excited to find out what he got!

Karen & Kayla sent him a fun Lightning McQueen car & Cars book (which he of course loved!).

Grandma & Grandpa sent him some ABC/animal flashcards that he didn't want to stop playing with. They also got him this shapes puzzle ball that he's already caught onto! This kid loves puzzles & is so good at them.

Scott & I bought him this awesome firetruck! It has storage in the back for his cars, he can push it around the house with the ladder (which allows him to steer), the helmet lifts up & the ladder forms a ramp that cars can shoot down & land in the storage under the helmet. It also makes some fun siren noises. It was a huge success!

We had such a wonderful time celebrating this sweet boy's birthday! He is so special to us (as every child is to his parents), & we recognize how blessed we are to have him in our lives.
We love you William!!! Thanks for coming to join our family!


  1. Happy Birthday, Will! Looks like you all had a great time celebrating his first two years...time goes so quickly!

  2. Happy Birthday Will! I am sorry that you guys are all sick. That is no fun. That firetruck looks so cool. I will have to look for something like that for Max. I still can't believe he is 2. It has gone by so fast.

  3. Happy Birthday Will!!!! Oh wow, i can't believe he's already 2!! he's so so SO CUTE! I'm sorry he was sick, that's the pits!

    your halloween bunco party looks awesome! i loved your costume, you're so creative/hilarious!

    ps. CONGRATS on only two more months of school for Scott! Wow, that's amazing, glad he's done so well!!

  4. What a big boy ! Glad you're all on the mend. Hope Will doesn't get your crud. Can't wait for a second party in Danville! See you soon. Love you guys.


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