Friday, October 15, 2010

Daddy & Will Time

I am always amazed by Scott & what a wonderful father (& husband) he is. Even after his seemingly endless days of work & school, he still plays with Will as soon as he gets home (even though I'm sure he would just love to collapse on the sofa & tune out for a while). He rolls around on the floor with Will, chases him, gives him rides on his back, reads to him, & sings to him before bed time, always showing Will that he is the most important thing in his daddy's life.

Here's to only 2 more months until Scott graduates & can actually spend more time at home!
We're so excited!!!


  1. Yea for scott being done soon!! We are so happy for him! And I might add that you are an amazing mom is not easy being alone as much as you are!! Yea for you!


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