Wednesday, March 17, 2010

17 March - things I'm loving

Things I'm loving right now:

1. Great Impasta's Chicken Mexicana over rigatoni: On Scott's drive home from Palo Alto yesterday, he stopped in Danville to pick up some pasta & a salad for me. It was an incredibly delicious treat.

2. Horchata w/ ice
3. My Goodreads book clubs - The Next Best Book Club and The Book Addicts

Currently Reading:
At Home in Mitford, by Jan Karon
Next to-be-read:

A Great and Terrible Beauty, by Libba Bray, A Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick,

 Cutting for Stone, by Abraham Erghese

4. a tiny morsel of Inspiration Pictures that are currently making me happy & a little bit envious:

(I can't remember where I found the other pics.)

5. And of course, spending as much time as possible with Scott & William.


  1. oooh that pasta sounds so good! hey, have you read The Help yet? If not, get it on your list... i'm reading it right now and it's killing me to put it down (unless it's for the computer!)
    it's a great book!

  2. I have it on my list of books to read - I've heard it's really good.

  3. Love the inspiration photos and I'm a big fan of the Mitford books too!

  4. I am happy and envious looking at those pictures too. Thanks for the "good luck" on my book! It helps being accountable to the blogging world.


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