Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16 March - what's my age again?

Yesterday, Scott was filling out a census form & asked me how old I was, "26, right?"
I paused & responded, "No. I'm 25."
"No . . . you're 26."
"No I'm not." I started counting my fingers to figure out how old I was. He was right! I double checked only to get the same result.  What?!
This last week, a few people have asked me how old I was. (If it's cutting it even semi-close to my birthday (meaning within six months of it), I'll sometimes lean towards the older side by saying, "almost #__." I tend to claim the older age because so many people think I'm still in high school. Some guy checking my driver's license at the bookstore even asked where I got my fake ID . . . while I had Will with me!) Well I haven't even been hesitating this last week while informing people that I'm 25 - the sister missionaries who came to dinner at my parents' house (who thought I was still in high school even though I'm older than they are) & some of my friends. So for anyone who's wondering, I've done the math, & I am indeed 26 years old!  I never would have thought I'd be someone to not know her age - I was always so surprised when I was younger to see "older" people trying to remember how old they were. Weren't they counting down the days till their next birthday? I was! 
So there you have it. I am officially "old" (or so I would have thought when I was younger) because my brain is fried, I'm delusional, & I'm counting my age on my fingers. So excuse me while I go put in my denchers, sit in my big La-Z-Boy recliner & read my grandma's big-print Romance novels while drinking prune juice :)


  1. I always round up too, but I'm usually a year off because I think I'm OLDER than I actually am! It's always a pleasant surprise when I realize the mistake... :)

  2. That is funny because I do that all the time. I always tell people that I am younger than I am and I don't know why

  3. I wish I was your age! My birthday is next week and I shutter b/c I will be halfway through my thirties! Yep, that's right! So be sure to save some of that prune juice for your old cousin!

  4. You're hilarious! Welcome to decriptude!

    I always round my age up by a decade so people will say, "Wow, you look young!!" I never thought that would be an issue until people started calling me "Mother-of-the-Bride" when I was wedding dress shopping with you. When my husband went into Little Things, and one of the idiot employees said, you look like you could be her son, that clinched it!! I am officially approaching 50 and look fabulous, don't I!?!

  5. Since I am now in my 8th decade, I don't feel sorry for any of you. Life just gets better!

  6. I do this with my age, my cat's age (the poor thing has been 18 yrs old since the day she turned 17 in my mind) and I do this with my mom's age too. The cat doesn't mind so much but my mom? Yeah she minds! LOL

    Love your blog.... i too follow lots of design, cooking, and photography sites. Fun to find someone with my same interests!


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