Monday, February 8, 2010

8 February - a day at the park

Will & I went to the park this morning to enjoy the beautiful weather - it was a little windy, but the sun was out & the ground was dry.  I had so much fun watching him play on the equipment & chase after the big kids who were playing football.

"Climbing" up the slide - more like sitting at the bottom of it not knowing what to do.

He really wanted to get in on the action. His buddies, Fisher & Koi were part of the fun, & Will wanted to run, throw, & tackle just like them. Don't worry kid, you'll be doing it soon enough.


He'd had enough football & wanted to go play on the swings.

Gotta love the Vans



  1. holy crap, Liz... these pictures are stunning!!!!!!!!!! i'm gaga over them, ALL!!! what camera do you use??? how the heck do you get them up here SO BIG!!! wow, you're soooo good! keep up the great work!

  2. He is way too cute! I love the photo of Will in the swing with the big smile...super cute!

  3. Beautiful pictures! They're almost as beautiful as the boy! I just want to go out there and kick the ball to him so he can play.

  4. great pictures liz! your boy is too cute... i, too, am curious what camera/lens you are shooting with??


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