Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

I was never able to post pictures of Christmas because all the pictures were taken on my mom's camera.  Now that I have my hands on it again, I was finally able to download them.

Christmas Eve:
Scott worked Christmas Eve/his birthday, as well as Christmas Day/my birthday, so Will & I spent those few days at my parents'.

My Aunt Bev's kids came for Christmas, so it was a lot of fun seeing them for a short bit.  Max (Dani & Paul's baby boy) & Will had a lot of fun together. 

Max wasn't really sure how to hold his own around Will - I think Will was kind of shocking to him. Notice the ball flying toward the head.

That's my (hyper) boy!

Cleaning the dishes after our feast: Steven, me, & Amy

Some of the cousins: Kim, Dani, Max & Paul, Alli & Jason, & Adil

Getting ready for bed, so Santa can come!

Christmas Day:
Of course Will woke up & was clueless about Christmas.  But when he saw all the goodies that Santa brought him, he got super excited, especially when he saw the ball!

Later that night, after playing some rounds of Pirate Bingo, we celebrated my birthday with a yummy carrot cake!

New Years:
Since Scott had to work New Year's as well, I headed back down to my parents & spent the exciting holiday with these yahoos.

Cole, Drew, Timmy, & Zach (Lily, Sammie, & Will were already in bed)

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