Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 February - just one of those days

 Today has just been one of those days - actually, the last week has been "just one of those days."  Will & I have both been sick with bad colds.  Will had a fever last week & is still coughing & sniffling, & my cold has turned into a sinus infection (really not fun). Then again, I realize we could be a lot worse off & remind myself to be grateful for the health that we do have.

Because we've been enjoying such amazing weather lately, I thought it would be a nice break from the stuffy indoors if we played outside for a bit. We started in the backyard & eventually ended up in the park for about two hours.

Will's favorite thing to do at the park - pile bark onto the slide & then throw it off again. He also went down the slide for the first time on his own - I was too paranoid to try taking any pictures. He would go running toward the top of the slide so fast (causing another mom to come running over in a panic because she thought he was about to fall over the edge) & then get down on his hands & knees, spin a 180, & go flying down backwards on his tummy (the first time, he almost went down head first, but I caught him by the diaper just in time).

After getting home from the park, we snuggled up on the sofa & watched Elmo's World - I was feeling too dumpy to care that he was watching a movie (which I've been trying to avoid). Towards the end of the movie, Will fell asleep on me, & I was close to conking out too.

We were so glad when Scott got home - it feels like we haven't seen him in so long! We celebrated his return with pork salads from Costa Vida (which he brought home for us), followed by a second showing of Elmo's World. 


  1. I am sorry to hear that you and Will are feeling under the weather...hope you are both feeling better soon. Love the BYU jersey...we have three of them at our house!

  2. What a beautiful boy! Wish we were closer so I could watch Baby for you. Feel better!


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