Tuesday, February 16, 2010

16 February - berries & birds (not together)

There's something special about berries for the first time in a long time - it was a definite boost to my Frosted Mini Wheats this morning, let me tell you. Plus I love the red, white, tan & aqua together. Is it lame that I find so much joy in color combinations?

On a completely different note, I caught sight of these fancy birds (yes, I know they're Canadian Geese) when I was walking home from the park today - I love how free they are!
And I also LOVE how blue & clear the sky was today - the most beautiful weather!


  1. I too love raspberries and mini wheats for breakfast! I have really enjoyed this beautiful weather...spring fever. Great photos!

  2. I love the color combination too! So pretty~ I love your pictures too, you are so talented!

  3. those berries are beautiful! wish i could eat those more often...theyre so expensive here! thanks for adding my button. love you.


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