Sunday, February 21, 2010

20 February - spaghetti'os

I just discovered how much Will loves Speghetti-o's.  I'm so glad to find something that he's so eager to eat other than bread, eggs, yogurt, fruit, or anything sweet. It definitely makes for a nice change.

He couldn't shovel it in fast enough.

The sauce made for a nice stained finish.

He polished off the bowl.

And was very happy with the mini pasta noodle feast.


  1. Those were all adorable photos of Will devouring his Spaghetti O's. Don't worry if he is picky, it will get better with age...I used to loose sleep over my picky eaters and now I am amazed with what the two older boys will eat.

  2. Oh, that cutie!! I just want to chew on him, spaghettio face and all! When are you going to bring him out here to see me again? Parade of Homes starts June 4 - that give you plenty of time to plan for it . . .


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