Monday, January 18, 2010

Racquetball Tournament with Cliff Swain

Back in December, Scott played in a racquetball tournament, which he hadn't done in a really long time. He was so excited to play because his racquetball idol from when he was younger, Cliff Swain, was going to be there, & they were scheduled to play each other.

Scott after a rally where he was diving all over the place.

ready for the back swing

Will loved chasing the balls around (surprise, surprise) & was very interested in the games. The balls were going so fast (between 170 & 190 mph) that he jumped the first time he got close to the court because of the loud whistling sound it makes.

My mom & I watching Scott (laying down in the background behind the glass doors) while he rested between matches.

Getting ready to play against Cliff

Asking the crowd what they thought the call should be - Cliff wasn't happy with the answer.

My family came to watch Scott play as well (me with Rachel). They were shocked to see what real racquetball looked like & my brother, Steven, was still talking about how fast everyone moved weeks later.

Steven, my mom & dad, Brad & Drew

The end of the match - Scott & his partner lost, but just barely.  It actually turned out to be a really close game.


  1. Hey its Becky MacDonald. Merrily gave me the cook book Alamo II did and I made your thumbprint cookies they were sooooo good! Just wanted to say thanks!

  2. That is SO cool. I didn't know that he still played.

  3. I'd be on the floor like Scott all the time... but the major difference... I'd be knocked out by one of the balls hitting me in the face, and Scott is tired from exertion. Big Difference! ps. you look SO CUTE!

  4. Good to see Scott in action after hearing about him play his "idol." My favorite part about this post is the candid shot of you smiling while talking with Rach, you are gorgeous! I really think that is my favorite picture of you because it captured YOU! Love it!


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