Sunday, January 24, 2010

Catch up

The reason I haven't been updating is that I've gotten so far behind, that the idea of catching up again is too overwhelming. So a quick recap of what's happened in my life since the racquetball tournament in December.

1. Will & I went to Utah to visit my sister, Susan, & her family.  William loved playing with his cousin, Leah, who is 3 weeks older than him to the day.  I have to admit that I loved that they were able to entertain each other so much, so I didn't have to keep a constant eye on him.  Susan & I went to BYU to check out the bookstore - I stocked up on a bunch of books & BYU baby gear for Will.  Susan & I also started a plan to get our lives organized - something we have both struggled with a lot!  (We've stuck to the plan for a little over a month now, & it has made a HUGE improvement in both of our lives!) While there, I also played the part of "the brave sister who cleans up the dog's nasty vomit loaf" - really, it was shaped like a thick rectangular loaf & was disgusting! Aren't I a good sister?  My good friend, Emily, & her husband Jason, also came over to my sister's for dinner one night, & we were able to visit.

Will kept getting stuck under the gate at Susan's house - he just couldn't seem to figure out that the point of the gate was to keep him out of the living room.

We also decorated Christmas cookies with all the kids.  Every year, Scott decorates a gingerbread boy in a speedo, so I decided to carry on the tradition for him since he wasn't there.  I also got tired of all the boring Christmas trees, so I turned mine into a rocketship.

2. Scott met me in Utah, so we could go to our niece's wedding - Thalia Rae & her new husband, Daniel, looked so happy together! We hung out with Scott's family, ate at The Garden (the restaurant next to The Roof in Salt Lake City), ate chocolate-orange cookies that Scott surprised me with from Ben's Cookies (they're so good!), froze in the wind & snow, went to a beautiful sealing & reception, Will played in the snow for the first time & slipped a few times on the icey sidewalk, we stayed in a great hotel suite with Scott's parents, & then flew home with William the day after the wedding.

All geared up for the snow while waiting for the bride & groom outside the temple.

I caught Will while his feet were sliding apart in the snow - he was a little worried.

I wish this picture wasn't fuzzy because I LOVE it! I love that they're walking in unison - such a cute father & son.

3. Scott worked Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (which also happens to be both of our birthdays), so Will & I went to my parent's for Christmas.  Will got a lot of fun presents from Santa, but of course his favorite gift (at least at the beginning) was a ball.  My brothers, Brad & Steven, & their families came over for Christmas breakfast & Pirate Bingo.  I then drove home on the 26th to meet up with Scott, so we could pack our bags & head off to Oregon to have Christmas with his family.

4. We drove to Oregon to spend a few days with Scott's family. I played "Twilight: Scene It" with my neices the night we got there. I was, not surprisingly, quite good at the game.  I know I should feel embarrassed, but I don't.  Scott & I also went to see "Avatar" with our nephew & niece, & I LOVED it! It is now on my "Favorite Movies" list. On the drive home from Oregon, William threw up all over himself & his carseat, so Scott & I had the pleasure of cleaning up the mess & then driving home for another two/three hours with the stink in the car. My guess is that Will got car sick going through the mountains & just couldn't take it any more - the poor guy!

5. We finally moved everything back to our house & got it organized again - it feels so good to be home!


  1. Ack, your catch up was AWESOME! I was smiling all goofy the whole time.

    love that you went to see Susan and her fam-- wish we could have come down and hung out too-- but then again, i most likely would have been stuck on Dog Puke Duty and it wouldn't be pretty :)

    I love the speedo man, he's hot. and yummy.

    Avatar was awesome, we loved it too!!

    and Will. Will, Will, Will... how are you so dang cute? It's just not fair for all the other little boys out there in the universe!!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great holiday! I love that darling photo of Will and Scott...super cute! Glad to hear that everything is going well.

  3. You guys were BUSY! Sounds like so much fun! Will is such a cute little guy! And you are such a great sister to clean up doggy puke!!!!

  4. your lil guy is too cute liz. i love his shoes that he was wearing in the snow! and that picture of him and daddy walking, that's a keeper!


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