Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Best Friend

Over the holidays, Scott, Will & I went to meet Caitlin, Olivia, & Kathy for lunch.  It was so good to see Caity & Olivia since they've been living abroad & will be for the next three years or so. Caitlin has been my best friend since we were born - we started together in Missouri & then moved to California just a few houses away from each other.  When her family moved to Tennessee, she'd come out to live with us every summer.  She then came to live with us our Senior year where we choreographed a bunch of dances together for our high school dance class.  Then we roomed together our Freshman year at BYU.  When we each got married, we were each other's Maids of Honor. Now she is the godmother of my son. We definitley have a lot of history together!

Me holding Olivia & Caitlin holding Will

Will & Olivia loved each other, as they should. They just kept smiling & talking together.


  1. I'm so glad you got to see your friend. Will looks happy too!

  2. I commented way back in December and I must not have pressed all the buttons all the way through to post it! im crazy...i miss you and love you AS ALWAYS! hope things are great!

  3. i love getting together with old best friends (not that your best friend is OLD.. hehe!) you both are beautiful (and i can see that both your closets are jam packed with AWESOMENESS... your clothes are fabulous!) CUTE CUTE CUTE kiddos too!

  4. So great to have such a good friend.

  5. Love your history of the two of you. So are you guys already planning the wedding for the two little ones?! :)


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