Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Playing Catch

As I've mentioned before, William loves playing with balls. He chases them around until exhausted. He's most recently started throwing tantrums when the ball rolls away from him - throwing himself face down on the ground & just crying because he's tired of chasing after the ball, either that, or he'll throw himself on top of the ball, so it won't roll away, & then proceed to cry (it's a love/hate relationship). I think it's safe to say that he's happiest when someone will play catch with him, so he doesn't have to do as much chasing. If I do say so myself, he throws a pretty good overhand. I also love the fact that we didn't have to teach him to play catch - it's just something he started doing on his own a few months ago. Maybe that's normal, but he's my first kid, so I'm impressed by most everything he does.


  1. That is GREAT! I see a future with sports.

  2. Carter wants in on that ACTION!!!!He needs a friend to play Ball with!!!


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