Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Moon Trailer #3

When I was pregnant with William, I finally gave in to the pressure to read "Twilight."  I had avoided reading the series because there was so much hype over it.  I knew it must be overrated.  When I finally started reading it, I was hooked.  I read the first two books in a day each, & the third in just a few days (it would have been one day, but I was with Scott's family in Hawaii). I think part of the reason I liked the series so much was because I'd been 'stuck' in "Les Miserables" - although a wonderful story, it is a much slower book - & I finally had a fluff book to breeze through.  Plus, as stupid as it may sound, this series was a big part of my time being pregnant with my miracle baby. It also got me interested in my family history (the Native American part) which then led to me finding & being able to do the temple work for one of my Indian ancestors - Melinda. So although the series is quite cheesy, there are deeper reasons that I find it so special.

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  1. Ahhh!! I can't wait! Funny... I always see the new trailer from your blog. lol


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