Sunday, August 23, 2009

Visitors, Bowling, & New Toys

This weekend, Scott's sister (Karen) & her friend (Sarge), came to visit. It was so wonderful to see Karen again, as always, & it was great meeting Sarge. Unfortunately our niece, Kayla, couldn't make it for the trip. She did, however, send a present for Will - a 3-in-1 sports toy - baseball, basketball, & football.

Will chasing after the balls - one of the balls went under the chair, & he's trying really hard to find it.
We went bowling w/ Karen & Sarge. Everyone was really good - I by far came in last, but still enjoyed the game. Will enjoyed playing with Scott's ear.
Karen & Sarge w/ William
Scott bowled a strike while holding William - it was quite impressive (this is just a reenactment ;)
William fell asleep on the way home: when he turned his head to the side, it looked like he had a mini 'Flock of Seagulls' hairdo.
Playing with his new toy & loving it.
Mark & Joy also sent a toy golden retriever to Will since he loves dogs so much. I love watching him fall on it & give it a hug (kind of like cuddling with a pillow). (He's scratching the dog's nose in the picture.)

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  1. I am so getting that toy for Max. I feel so bad because Max has no toys to play with and that one looks like so munch fun. I wonder why she got it. Probably Toys R us


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