Friday, August 21, 2009

My Sink Threw Up

Today, I decided to semi-clean out my fridge by getting rid of some expired food. I started the line up, & put one thing after the other down the disposal. When I got to my last item, I noticed that the other side of the sink was starting to back up w/ spaghetti bits. The next thing I knew, there was a gush under the sink. I opened the cupboard doors, & spaghetti sauce & water rushed out & covered my feet, & everything under the sink
My sink threw up:
It really did look like projectile vomit, & it smelled like it too.
Well of course William was very interested in what was going on, so he started crawling over to play in the mess. I picked him up & sprinted down the street (running barefoot on hot asphalt while holding a baby is not the most pleasant thing, but then again, neither is spaghetti spewed under my sink). When my neighbor, Kris, answered the door, I told her that my under-sink had exploded & asked if she could take Will. She probably thought I was crazy. I then ran back home to take care of the mess (my thoughts while running home: 'Wow, running feels great! It's been a really long time since I've run - I feel like I could go forever.' - That's right, no thought of the mess inside, just feelings of freedom & feeling like an athlete). When I got in the kitchen, I thought, 'nothing's going to get worse if I run upstairs to get my camera for pictures - I need proof to show Scott how disgusting this is . . . & I could use an update on the blog').
After I cleared everything out, I started to wipe the water (& other remnants) into a tupperware - this may sound very gross, but when the water/spaghetti sauce mixture fell into the tupperware, it sounded like throwing up (I'm really glad I'm not pregnant because I would have lost my stomach. It was really disgusting).
I was very inspired to take care of all this mess by myself (I was feeling quite independent) after reading THIS blog , so I got buckets from the garage & prepared to take the pipes apart under the sink. Of course as soon as I tried turning one of the "bolts" (that's what I'm calling them), it wouldn't budge. So I was off (running barefoot again - it felt so good!) to the neighbors to get the man of the house's help. Aaron came over with some buckets & tools & helped me flush out the pipes & emptied all of the mess into the toilet since we couldn't empty it into the sink. After everything was put back together, I finished cleaning up, & I now have the privilege of having a very clean & organized cupboard under my sink. Happy Day!


  1. I hope that last picture isn't the picture of the "very clean & organized cupboard" under your sink. ;) (That deserved a wink.)

  2. I was actually thinking of taking an after picture - I'm going to have to now.

  3. Oh, man! What a mess I am sorry that you had to deal with that. Just think now you have a clean fridge and under sink!

  4. Oh my gosh, what a big mess! I hate it when things like that happen, in our house my luck is to be dealing with things like that while Mark is out of town.

  5. Gross. Sink spew is the worst of any.

  6. ok- I am definitely not preggo and just reading that almost triggered the drive-heaves. Yuck. So sorry you had that mess to deal with it, but the "after" is beautiful.

  7. I'm impressed you were going to take apart the sink yourself....I definitly would have been calling for backup!

  8. My sink threw up last night too! My husband was cleaning fish to cook for dinner when we looked under our sink to find fish water flooding everywhere. Smelled gross... was gross but now looks pretty like your cupboard.
    Defiantly not as yucky as your sauce explosion but pretty yucky still.
    Way to handle it amazingly.


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