Monday, September 24, 2007

To Grandmother's House We Go

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I am taking care of my grandparents while my parents are in Mexico. It has definitely been an interesting experience so far. When I got here Friday night, I could hear my grandpa in the other room asking my grandma if they were too old to have children. She had to keep explaining to him that they were too old fifty years ago. My grandpa gets pretty forgetful & confused.
Later that night . . . actually, right in the middle of it, I woke up to my grandpa in my bedroom. He was shuffling in on his walker (when I say shuffle, I mean going 0.25 mi/hr - if that). I sat up in bed and said, "Grandpa?"
He sounded totally scared and asked, "Who's there?"
His voice changed to one of absolute adoration. "Oh, Hi there!"
"Grandpa. You need to turn around and go back to bed."
"Oh, ok. Thank you." He then shuffled back to his bedroom across the hall.
It is so sad to see him lose his mind. He is still so sweet and loving, but he just gets confused and disoriented all the time. He's always asking me who I am, and then smiling with remembrance when I tell him, only to ask my grandma who I am a few minutes later. It's heartbreaking to hear him talk. He doesn't even remember his wife part of the time. I never realized how scary it can be to get old.


  1. It is scary to think of getting old and losing you mind...My grandparents are going through the same thing. You are a good Grandaughter...and I'm sure they were glad to have you there.

  2. Yu are an AWSOME good natured woman. We adore you. SD Perryman

  3. How sweet. It is scary getting old. I just hope my kids and grand kids are as sweet as you to take care of me.

  4. Last time I saw Grandpa, he talked to me like he knew who I was, but looked at me like he didn't have a clue. I'm sure he was just pretending. A lot of people get mean as their minds go, but Grandpa has stayed just as much of a real gentleman as always. I hope the same can be said for me in 50-60 years time!

    By the way, I love your GBH quote!

  5. oh sad. i remember last year when i was staying at your house...he kept asking eileen if they were invited to my wedding in front of me really loud. It was hilarious!

  6. Hi Liz!

    This is your one-legged cousin- whom you haven't spoken with forever! Thank you for taking good care of Grandma and Grandpa! I wish I could come out- I feel like we are in another country! I love looking at your blog and your adventures! You are just fantastic!


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