Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What have we been doing lately?

Now that summer's over, it seems like there is less to blog about . . . either that or I'm just lazy.

I guess I can start by saying that Scott went to his first pro baseball game (at least the first one he can remember).

Oakland A's vs. Seattle Mariners

We sat right up front. I think Scott thought it would be more intense to watch than it actually was. We still had a great time though.

Scott has also been playing some softball of his own. He plays on his Fire Department's team, and so far they're kicking butt.

Another reason I haven't been blogging. This is how I spend my time on Scott's days at work. I have to entertain myself. (I guess it's true that you really do learn something new every day. For instance, I never knew I could make a fish face before.)


  1. Not everybody learns something "knew" every day - only when they're incredibly driven and focussed like you are.

  2. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. It makes me feel so much better in my pathetic life. :)

  3. forget about the dalmatian or the fire hydrant, I'm feeling the fish.

  4. If you are looking for excitement, come to SD it's almost winter time! Lots to do! If you only "new"

    Love Mark!

  5. Liz, it sounds like you are both having a great time...I love the fish face. Did you just learn that you could do that?

  6. You've got to teach me how to do a fish face some time.


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