Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Scott and I have started the fertility process. On Friday, I went in for an HSG. They started out by putting a metal clamp up my China, and then swabbed my cervix clean. It was so uncomfortable. The student nurse stood by me and told me I could squeeze her hand if I needed to. So, I laid there with my knees spread apart and bent up to my chest, trying not to cry . . . not from pain, but from the whole emotional aspect of going through these tests, so we can get pregnant. After the doctor cleaned me out, he stuck a balloon catheter up me. From there, he injected iodine into the catheter and showed me X-rays on a monitor of the dye flowing up my fallopian tubes and out again. They were making sure that my tubes were clear. Thank goodness they are. It was such a relief to know that sperm and eggs can travel through my tubes.

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