Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Jobs I've had:
1) You Scream Ice Cream
2) Pottery Barn
3) Nursery Leader - in charge of 8-10 two & three-year-olds (much of the time on my own while Scott had to work)
4) Nanny for 22 month-old little girl (Kennedy) & their dog (Jake). Jake sits in between Kennedy and me when I'm trying to play with her. He wants the attention, so he attempts to sit on my lap & cuddle with me while Kennedy pulls his fur and screams at him from the other side because he's in the way of our most current game.

Jake's a little big to sit on my lap, but somehow he manages

Places for weekend getaway:
1) San Francisco/Danville
2) Monterey
3) Utah to visit my sister (and her family) & my friends
4) Tehachapi (w/ a side trip to Disneyland)

Movies I can watch over and over:
1) Jane Austen movies - Pride and Prejudice; Mansfield Park
2) Dirty Dancing - "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
3) French Kiss - Meg Ryan & Kevin Kline - I think it's hilarious
4) Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movies

Guilty Pleasures
1) my mom's desserts - berry cobbler w/ homemade ice cream; baked fudge; chocolate chip cookies; strawberry pie; bread pudding (how do you pick one?)
2) spending a day reading a great book
3) buying a lot of clothes and then returning most, if not all of them (this gets shopping out of my system while still keeping money in the bank)
4) making lists of all the things I need to get done, & then feeling so satisfied w/ just completing the list that I don't need to do anything on it

Places I've Lived:
1) St. Louis, Missouri
2) Diablo, California
3) Roseville, California
4) Provo, UT

What I thought when I first saw my significant other:
1) I'm free (I was watching a movie with my boyfriend at the time (Brad) when I first saw Scott . . . I lost interest in Brad by the end of the night)
2) BYU has a racquetball team?
3) I like his sweatshirt (a firefighter one)
4) How will I get around Mandi, so I can flirt with Scott and not get in trouble. (Mandi was my roommate & a lifetime friend of Scott's family . . . she was protective of him)

Places I've been on vacations
1) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2) road trip from Cyclone, Missouri to Nauvoo, Illinois, then to SLC, UT & home to California
3) Dominican Republic
4) New York
5) places w/ Showbiz (Hawaii, Florida, D.C., Mexico)

Favorite Foods
1) BBQ pulled pork
2) nectarines
3) mom's dessert
4) chocolate Silk

IF in a "jam" with spouse, tactics used to get out of the doghouse:
1) Dance like Steven, my brother (he (or his wife Amy) made me a book teaching me how)
2) Go on a walk with him
3) Feed him
4) Married people stuff

Websites I visit daily
1) blogs
2) You Tube (sometimes)
3) I don't go on the Internet that much

First kiss locations:
1) outside of a stake dance (I was dancing around my car in the typical Liz fashion while Emily was dancing on top of my car in her typical fashion. My boyfriend at the time randomly surprised me with our first kiss . . . it was really awkward and a little gross)
2) Provo Canyon
3) in my Landcruiser
4) outside my Spyglas apartment in Provo

Places I'd rather be:
1) in Diablo
2) touring western Europe: England, France, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Spain
3) at home, but with Scott here with me (he's working)
4) visiting family and friends (in UT, SD, WA/OR, CA)

4 people I tag are...
1) Susan
2) Emily
3) Mindy
4) Candace


  1. I totally remember Scott's fireman sweatshirt and liked it too. Not in that way, of course.

  2. I love your comment about making a list - it made me laugh, it's so you!

  3. What! There's a book with Steven's dance moves? A clip of him dancing at your wedding should be put on Youtube.

    SD Perryman's


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