Saturday, August 4, 2007

Very close to the worst day of my life!, by Scott

Oh what a night . . . I was so excited because I was doing my first paid DJ gig in Danville: Justin Howard and Julia Draper Wedding. I set up my equipment early at Liz's house to make sure that it worked since it had been a while since I used it, and to my delight, it all worked. I took my equipment over to the reception hall earlier than normal, so that I could set everything up and still have time to hang out with Liz for about an hour before the party started. While setting up, my equipment decided not to work anymore. I was checking things over and over to make sure that I did not mess up any of my connections and thought that maybe my amp was bad. I quickly borrowed one from Liz's brother, Brad, hoping that would solve the problem, but to no avail. I was supposed to have about two hours of down time before the wedding, but now I was starting to panic because I had one hour left and nothing was working. Thoughts about ruining the wedding raced through my head. Thirty minutes left until the start and I was running around trying to find a new mixer (the brains of the equipment) when Liz's dad got a hold of Dave Bromley, a master with this type of equipment. Fifteen minutes until the party was supposed to start, and the equipment still wasn't hooked up, and I was only partly dressed. The whole wedding party was there and some guests were starting to show up. Well God answered my several hundred prayers because Dave showed up with the spare mixer and helped me hook it up. I started playing music at 6:32 while I dressed on the stage behind my equipment and shaved and did my best to look the part. Well the guests and family had no idea that there had been a problem. They all said that i did a great job, so that was encouraging.
Well now you know why I am bald. I don't ever remember being so scared. Those close to me saved me from going into a mental breakdown, and yes I lost it. Thanks goes out to all those angels that helped me.

Dave Bromley to the rescue.

Changing behind my equipment while guests were greeting the lucky couple.

Bev, Kathy, and Martha enjoying the party and each other's company.
The bride and groom.

Cleaning up after the party.


  1. Liz (and Scott), I can't tell you how happy it makes me that Scott makes an occasional appearance on the blog! Your house looks beautiful! It gave Jason and I lots of great ideas for when we purchase! You look great as always, and I was so happy when you commented on my blog! Of course I remember you, silly!!!

  2. I hope you at least made enough $$$ to counter the stress?

  3. you told us almost word for word what you wrote...but I don't think that's why you're bald:)

  4. When I first read this, I was like, Liz, you DJ? Since when? It was funny. I am glad Scott posts; Rob is waaaay "too cool for blogging."

  5. My first impression when I first started reading was that you, Liz DJ a wedding. Wow, Scott- you blog? I don't think I can ever get Brad to be motivated to blog. That was a close call, wasn't it? Good think everything worked out. You guys look great by the way!

  6. Scott only posts because I make him.

  7. Scott I think it's funny that this was the scariest moment of your life. What about being a fireman? But on second thought, I wouldn't want to face any Bridezilla either...Tell your wife to call me back, she's been phone tagged like a week ago.

  8. Scott did a great job! Liz was calm to the end.

  9. Luckily, Scott can blog because he has no problem with his sexual identity!


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