Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ode to Santa Cruz

Yesterday, my parents, Rich & Becky's kids, Steven and Amy's family, Coleman, and Scott and I went to Santa Cruz (Brandon couldn't go because he was sick). We played on the beach, swam in the water with the seals and seaweed, and went up to the Boardwalk after 5:00. (being a Monday night, all the rides were 1 ticket (75 cents), and hot dogs, cotten candy, and sodas were each 75 cents as well.) The best ride was one that swung back and forth like a pendulum and spun in circles at the same time. It got so high that it felt like you would fall out head first.

Scott and I were in charge of Spencer and Chase while at the Boardwalk. When we were in line to go on this swinging, spinning ride, Spencer kept trying to talk his way out of going on it. When it was our turn, we had to force him into his seat, (he ran away a few times (once with one shoe on and the other thrown over to the cubbys)) and pin him down until they could lock his saftey bar down. He was so freaked out, so I got him to release his fear by yelling as loud as he could when the ride started. (My exaggerated yells soon turned into real screams as the ride got higher and higher.) I also had to convince him to keep his eyes open, so he wouldn't get sick. It was the best ride of the night. I was shaking when I got off it.

Spencer and Zach before going to the beach.
Scott and my dad took turns being the umbrella stand.
Cole and Kailee dug holes and played in the water.
Chase playing a game with Steven and Amy.
Timmy while in the middle of playing catch with Scott and Spencer. He's so broad-chested.
Lily's loving the beach. She would stand at the edge of the water and run away crying when the water came towards her. Then she'd go back for more.
Now I need to describe a few people I saw in Santa Cruz that day:

1. A girl (probably in her 20's) walking on the beach with her boyfriend while wearing a white string bikini and black patent leather high heels. First of all, why was she wearing a white bikini? Secondly, why wear patent leather high heels in the sand, or with a bikini at all? She then commenced to take off her heels, SKIP to the water, bend straight over, and scoop water in her hands and put it all over her chest (I think she was trying to be sexy). Amy, Scott, and I just sat there laughing with surprise and a little disgust.

2. A man walked out of a shop on the Boardwalk, and I assumed that he must be an employee wearing a costume . . . until I took a closer look. He had long dark hair and a beard and moustache. He was wearing a black cowboy hat, black cowboy boots, a black button-up cowboy shirt, and of course black leather cowboy booty-shorts. I don't even know what else to say about him . . . we were all shocked when we saw him and tried our hardest not to stare or point too obviously. I wish I got a picture of him, but I put my camera in the car before going up to the rides.

Oh Santa Cruz . . . I need to go there more often (even with a few weirdos hanging around the place). The rides and the overall atmosphere were so much fun.


  1. That sounds like so much fun!! I miss CA...

  2. that's kind of funny about the girl walking with her heels on the beach. Who in the heck would wear it on the beach? I see weird peeps all the time down here too. You just need to ignore them, but sometimes, it's inevitable...

  3. Hey this was when I was talking to you! I feel so privileged to know all about the hooker with the boots and white bikini as it was happening. I'm calling you today since I missed your call last week, and you probably couldn't understand my voicemail since I didn't have service.


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