Thursday, September 22, 2011

Will Time

After my mom & Susan left us & before Dennis & Gail came to take their place, Scott & I decided we needed to take Will out to do something fun & solely for him (& not the baby). Before the day got too hot, we drove to a neighborhood park we hadn't been to before & let Will run around & play with the other kids there. Scott & I took shifts with him while the other sat with Ruby in the shade.

Will had such a great time climbing up & down the playground & after some encouragement, he finally braved a couple of the slides. He also made friends with two little girls &, while they ran past him to one of the slides while laughing & screaming, he'd raise his hands in the air like claws & growl, "cookie monsterrrrr." He got so into it, his arms shook whenever he'd turn into the monster. It was so fun watching him with his new friends & seeing all of their excitement. It was great to have a morning dedicated to our sweet guy. I'm so nervous he'll feel like he's been passed over with Ruby joining the family. We're trying really hard to show him how much we love him.This is definitely a transition, but it's been a fun one.

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