Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1st week with a second child

In the hospital - a few hours old:
When Will came to meet Ruby, the first thing he said was, "Oh wow!" He then got super excited & started pointing out the fact that she had a nose, eyes, lips, ears . . . . let's just say he was impressed by his baby sister.

1 day old:
My sister, Susan, flew out from Utah to spend the first week of Ruby's life helping my mom with cooking & cleaning while I started my recovery. Dennis & Gail were also able to come up for the first couple days to help out with Will & meet their granddaughter.

Susan - - - Gail

2 days old:
My dad stopped by on his way home from Oregon to meet Ruby & have a mini birthday celebration (Ruby was due on his birthday, but decided to come a day early). Will was excited to help him blow out the birthday candles.

3 days old:
Ruby had her first doctor appointment & weighed in at 7 lb 6 oz.

6 days old:
 Rich, Spencer, Chase, Kailee & my cousin Kyle came to visit Ruby on their way home from a Labor Day weekend boating trip.

Will loved "playing" Super Smash Brothers with his cousins while they were here.

Our first week with 2 children was a success, & we loved having so much family around!


  1. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!! All of you look fabulous and so happy! Little Ruby is just a doll and Will looks like the greatest big brother... Love it all!


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