Monday, June 20, 2011

camping in New Brighton

June 14-17:

Last week, Scott, Will, & I went on a camping trip to New Brighton with 8 other families. We had such a great time & are excited for next year when we can do it again!

on the road

setting up camp: Will was obsessing over some banana bread that I made earlier that morning. He almost destroyed the loaf before we even took off for our trip. Thank goodness Scott noticed him with it (still warm from the oven) & grabbed it before it was completely demolished.

It didn't take long for Will to get filthy dirty. Scott tried showering him before putting him to bed the first night, but Will fought him too much, so he went to bed with dirt practically caked in his hair. Who said camping was supposed to be clean? 

swinging in the Taylor's hammock

 Our second day, we all headed out to the Boardwalk. The weather was beautiful, & Will had a great time watching the "trains" (rollercoasters) & chasing birds.
29 weeks along

After the Boardwalk, Scott & I headed to Ice Cream by Marianne's in Santa Cruz. They have so many random, delicious flavors to choose from. Scott got Peaches and Cream & Blueberry Cheesecake, & I got Horchata & German Chocolate. Will just wanted whip cream, so he got a cup of that for his lunch/dessert.

Later that evening, we headed back to camp for dinner. Scott cooked up some chicken quesadillas (thanks for the hook up on the taco chicken, mom). 

Our third day, we went to the beach & played for a couple hours.  
Will & Genna

Will got sand in his eyes.

looking for a lost frisbee - sadly, it was never found:
Ryan, Scott, Cory, Brent

Scott found a little crab in the sand.

playing Bachi Ball: Scott, Brent, & Ryan

On Friday morning, the ladies went out for breakfast at Gayle's Bakery in Capitola (the boys had their boys' golfing trip the previous morning). There were so many different foods to choose from: egg sandwiches & burritos, salads, pastries, hot chocolate . . . .  It was so much fun to get out alone with the girls & enjoy some great food.
Gayle's had some beautiful flowers outside. These were super tall stalks w/ tissue-ball-looking flowers. They were pretty awesome.

After breakfast, we all gathered at camp to take group pictures. 

I loved watching the ladies try to get all the kids' attention for their group shot. (Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the whole group yet - it was on someone else's camera.)

THE KIDS (really sorry for misspelled names) - top row: Maddie (holding Lauren), Payton, Hailey (holding Aaron), Jake & Will 
middle row: Allison, Hailey, Kaylee (holding Quinn), Mia, Genna, Keira
bottom row: Avery, Mason, Dillan, Ryan (holding Piper), CJ, Wesley (holding Meagan), & McKay

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  1. Looks like you had a blast! Fun to see all the things you did, and there are (of course) some amaizng photos in there as well. I love the log. Awesome!

  2. Man, you're fast! How do you do that?? It was such a great trip and I'm so glad we got to spend some time together. LOVE the sun-in-trees shot!! And many more. You're amazing. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


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