Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Playing Ball at the Temple (outside the gate)

Last Monday for Family Home Evening, Scott & I attempted to take Will to the Folsom Zoo (to talk about the Creation & the Garden of Eden . . . there were animals there, you know :), but apparently it's closed on Mondays. Not to be thwarted, Scott decided to drive on to the Sacramento Temple where we ran around & kicked a ball in the grass (Is it okay that we did that at the temple? I assume so since people have Mutual there, & there's a baseball diamond on the grounds. Plus, we were outside the gate.). Anyhow, the temple was so beautiful, & we loved having it for our family playtime backdrop. The weather was perfect, & it turned out to be the perfect day!


  1. Love all your pictures and glad that you guys make an effort for FHE. Also, good to see you in a picture! Need a belly one soon!

  2. no idea why it says I am Diedre...


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