Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crime & Punishment - Being Distracted Can Lead to . . .

The Crime: grafitti

The Weapon: orange Sharpie

The Suspect:this kid 

The other night, I was upstairs working on a new header for my blog. I had the thought, "I should probably check on Will." In fact, when talking to Scott on the phone, I remember saying, "I just heard the barstool moving, I should see what Will's doing." Well, I was a little caught up in finally doing something with my blog that I decided Will was fine. A couple minutes later, Will came up the stairs looking like the above picture. Cute, right? I thought so (He looked like such a little thug with his arm all tattooed. And notice he only got his left arm - he's definitely right-handed).

Seeing him like that was enough to really get my attention. I took him downstairs to see the extent of the damage . . . . . & there was damage. He apparently had started out by coloring on paper (he had great intentions - but as I mentioned in the previous post, "hell is paved in good intentions" . . . my hell, that is. Next, he moved to the granite counters, then the cupboards, then the white entertainment center (thank goodness he didn't get the TV), then two of his puzzles, & finally my cell phone. At this point, Scott came home from I don't even remember where (but he'd had a long couple days, so this wasn't ideal for either of us). Scott assessed the situation & noticed more drawings on the fridge, the trash compactor, & the wall. He grabbed the stainless steel cleaner & got to work in the kitchen, while I grabbed some water & baking soda to work on the entertainment center (While working over there, I noticed some more "drawings" on the carpet, & decided I just didn't care anymore. At this point, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or pull my hair out). After a long time scrubbing, Scott finally found a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, & everything wiped up perfectly (minus the puzzles & carpet which we ignored). We just kept saying, "It could have been worse" & tried to smile.

We were tempted to make an example of Will by making him wear his crime for a while - like the big "A" Hester Prynne wore in The Scarlet Letter.

Scott had mercy & decided to clean him up, but left the orange dot on his face. That would be punishment enough.


  1. OH MY GOSH! I think I would DIE! I had a heart attack reading about all the things he drew on!!! I am sooooo glad you got it all out! I think I would cry!

  2. Yikes!! I can't believe it all cleaned up! McKay got to my kitchen table a few months ago and I had to take the finish off to get it off!

  3. Haha! I was going to say magic eraser works like a charm, but you figured that out:) Maybe you have a future artist on your hands!!

  4. You have to check out my blog...Sara did the SAME thing with the SAME color!! Crazy kids! :)

  5. judging by his tribal tats, I'm guessing he's right-handed

  6. So grateful that Carson has never done anything like that but I have a feeling that Cait has it in her. Glad to know that your things weren't ruined. Love the new header!

  7. Oh my gosh...he was one busy boy! I love the look on his face!

  8. You can actually try the magic eraser directly on the carpet. Also, rubbing alcohol could work, just blot instead of scrubbing. Windex is another idea, I've been able to get out food coloring and nail polish from my carpet with lots and lots of Windex. And A LOT of blotting!

  9. Sorry! That is so frustrating! I am glad you took the pictures. You'll love them, someday, like in 25 years when he has kids who have just colored the walls/furniture/ carpet in his house.

  10. That picture of Will is hilarious!! The puppy dog eyes detract from the whole tattooed thug thing he's got going on, but nice try Will.

    Sam just walked up and gasped, "What did that naughty boy do!"

    laughing, laughing, laughing

  11. Joy said...
    Almost Buzz hair cut, white tee, drink in hand, full sleeve tat and the best expression...Go Eminem ! "Just gonna stand there and watch me burn?" This boy is on the floor hilarious Ha Ha Ha..

    Washington Perrymans

    March 3, 2011 5:43 PM

  12. Daniel said, "Looks like he got in a knife fight with the kool aid man." Funny every time we look at it.

    Uncle Mark


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