Friday, May 21, 2010

21 May - Fairytale Town

 Yesterday, I met my friend Tiffani at Fairytale Town for a day of fun with our little guys.  I loved watching Will explore all the different areas of the park. We had such a wonderful day, & I'm excited to take Will again!
running back & forth across the pirate ship

attempting to climb into a little wishing pond - I distracted William from going in by giving him a few pennies to throw in. (I love how he knows he's doing something he shouldn't - look at that face!)

William & Carson

Mommy & Baby (my baby's growing up too fast!)
Dorothy & the Scarecrow - I love the look on Will's face in this picture. He's such a happy, playful boy.

Cinderella's carriage
I think Will's favorite thing to do at Fairytale Town was run up & down a little foam-ish hill. Forget going down the slides that were at the top of the hill - he preferred to run down alongside them. He looked kind of terrified each time he ran down, but loved the thrill of it! Look how fast that kid's going (the reason he's so out of focus)! He was bouncing all over the place while running down, & came close to falling a few times.
I love this candid picture of Tiffani!
The day wouldn't have been complete without Will chasing a duck around the park. The duck finally alluded him by jumping into some water. Will would have followed if I hadn't stopped him.


  1. Darling photos...Fairytale Town always offers a great time!

  2. what an awesome place!! Will is getting SO big!!! he's such a cute kid, there's very LITTLE "baby" left in the guy!! You, as always, look amazing!! Your friend Tiffani is really pretty too- great shot!

  3. He can chase frogs and snakes and tadpoles if he comes to Camp tilden! Miss you guys.

  4. Love the muscle shirt on Will! (Insert whistle)

  5. So fun! What a great adventure!

  6. Great photo of you and Will!


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