Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Girls' Night

Last night, a bunch of us went out to see New Moon.  I thought it would be funny if we wore Team Edward & Team Jacob shirts, so a few of us got together a couple days ago to make them, while others went out & bought some.  I shouldn't be surprised when the girl working at Costa Vida (where we got food before the show) thought I was in high school instead of married & almost 26 years old - I guess people don't expect "older" gals to wear cheesy fan shirts like ours.  We waited in line at the theater, eating our sweet pork salads, & when they started letting everyone in the theater, we took off racing to find seats all together, which we nearly accomplished. I had to laugh when I saw Jillian running to get to seats ahead of all the other people - I couldn't help but follow her example - it was such a rush (please don't take me seriously)!

I love the look of the plasticy pictures of Edward & Jacob - real classy.
Back row: Emily, Jen, Liz, Lisa, Tammy, Alixe, Jana, Jillian
Front row: Melanie, Meredith, me, Shana


  1. Love it!!! that's so fun that you got to go with so many friends, and i love that you guys got cheesy about it, that makes things WAY more fun if you ask me!!

  2. How fun, wish I could have made it and I am glad that you were rooting for too!


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